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 Moving to Miami

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PostSubject: Moving to Miami   Mon Aug 30, 2010 5:19 pm

Well guys, life unfortunately moves on.

My girlfriend's job just transferred her from Fort Myers to Miami. The transfer comes with better pay and benifits, so it kind of is a no-brainer in the current state of the economy. So for the past two weeks I have worked diligently trying to find us a place to live as well as finding myself a job because I am unemployed. While doing this, I have also been keeping an eye out on places to play at as I find myself having to create a new group.

Any forumites have any suggestions as to where the best place to play? I have found one place around the Miami area, as well as a decent place in the Lauderhill area. Not to keen on going any further north as our place is in the Kendall area. Anyone from around there wants to play, just PM me!

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Moving to Miami
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