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 Princess Patricia’s New Cadian Light Infantry

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PostSubject: Princess Patricia’s New Cadian Light Infantry    Tue Nov 02, 2010 12:01 am

Princess Patricia’s New Cadian Light Infantry

New Cadia is an isolated world on the outer fringe of imperial controlled space. The first colonists were taken from Cadia as these reliable and militaristic people were seen as ideal recruits to form the outer bulwark of the Imperium. The first colonists quickly adapted and flourished despite the harsh climate of New Cadia. The Planet is mostly mountainous and forested with long cold winters and an abundance of large wildlife.
The citizens of New Cadia have maintained the military traditions which are a hallmark of their home planet and as the population has grown the Planet has finally reached a level where it can fulfill the imperial tithe of sending a Guard Regiment off world. Drawn from the best recruits of the PDF Princess Patricia’s New Cadian Light Infantry regiment is ready to bring the light of the emperor to the enemies of the Imperium. Named after the Governors daughter the soldiers of the PPNCLI go to the planets first war with a jaunty swagger in their step not comprehending the horrors they will face.

The PPCLI is a famous Canadian infantry regiment and I have always thought the similarities between Cadian and Canadian was ironic so I figured I would theme an army on something similar. I am debating whether to make the PPNCLI a Death Korps unit to mimic the trench fighting the Canadians did in the first world war or Urban fighters to represent the world war 2 campaigns in Italy and Northern Europe. In terms of modeling I think I will just use regular Cadian guardsmen painted in slightly historical uniforms. And maybe if I’m feeling adventurous I will try and find some wide brimmed helmets.
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PostSubject: Re: Princess Patricia’s New Cadian Light Infantry    Tue Nov 02, 2010 7:17 am

Sounds like a good idea. Keep working on it.
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PostSubject: Re: Princess Patricia’s New Cadian Light Infantry    Tue Nov 02, 2010 1:44 pm

I would suggest using the rules for the Ice Guard!!!!

They are NOT like the Valhallans (who appear to be from a planet that is nothing but a huge ice cube)! They are from Luybov, which is a planet similar to Canada or the US Rocky Mountains. Sure is cold most of the year (and has snow!), but it has coniferous forests, mountains, etc... the Ice Guards are highly trained mountaineers and specialize in using the battlefield to their advantage (AMBUSH!!!)

Take a few minutes and read about them on TLRB... You could make the Officers GREAT snipers as their specialized harness will make them almost invulnerable to falls from higher ground (as well as aiding in climbing) and their ambush techniques are pretty brutal!

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PostSubject: Re: Princess Patricia’s New Cadian Light Infantry    

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Princess Patricia’s New Cadian Light Infantry
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