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 Howdy Everybody

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PostSubject: Howdy Everybody   Tue Nov 02, 2010 5:33 pm

My meatspace nickname is Skippy, but I usually go by Evilskip on forums and such because Skippy is almost always taken.

I am an Aquarius, that enjoys, holding hands, long moonlit walks on the beach, and the total subjugation of those who follow the false corpse-emperor.

I've been doing tabletop gaming since Dark Tower came out. I got into the 40k universe back when it consisted of one book, that would fall apart if your tried to read it. I dropped out of that hobby for a long time, but got back into about four years ago. I have known Mordheimer for years, if by "known" you mean "I used his Mordheim web site a lot, and never actually spoke to him, nor would it have been reasonable to assume he knew I existed." My hobbies mostly revolve around games, game design, and bad movies. I would *love* to be involved with the design of the SOB or Kroot, but I have kids so I doubt I would have the time available to do so. I used to work in the video game field, and now I'm a graphic designer. I probably could help out a bit with some of the artwork for the game. My avatar is something I whipped up this morning because I started re-reading the rules, and the current logo bugs me.

I became aware of Death Squad last year when I was heavily involved in a Mordheim campaign and some of us got the bright idea to try to make a 40k version. We discussed the idea of making something like this, with army lists, but settled on trying to modify Kill Team, basically just making a system so people could use their regular codex. Eventually I realized "The internet is a big place. I bet someone already did this, and I can avoid doing all of this work."

And a few minutes of searching later, here I am.
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Da Bank


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PostSubject: Re: Howdy Everybody   Tue Nov 02, 2010 8:42 pm

Evil Skip

Welcome to the group!

Nice mod of the logo.

You could be involved down the road but the depends upon getting a gaming group going and playing the game. This is how we get our other mean coordinators.

Like you most of us are all married, with kids, work and etc. My time has been reduced this semester due to being President of our Athletic Conference, Athletic Director and Coach. The athletics is not my real job. I just volunteer.

You have started off correctly by getting the rules, reading them and then get some games in and post the info on the forum and look to see what you can jump in on as stuff comes available.


Da Bank
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PostSubject: Re: Howdy Everybody   Wed Nov 03, 2010 3:01 am


Look forward to hearing about your adventures in the world of Death Squads .

Any suggestions and feedback you give are gladly received (and pics!).

Anyway - Enjoy!

Cheers Laney cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Howdy Everybody   Wed Nov 03, 2010 3:27 am

evilskip... WELCOME!!!

Hahaha... a fan of my OCD! WOHOO! Hahaha... the pleasure (really!) is all mine! The Mordheim website (The Mordheimer's Information Centre was a labor of love. It started as a way for me to compile information about Mordheim, so I could play a campaign with some friends... turned out to be something huge. Even now, people still using the site. I'm super happy you and your group enjoy the free resource... it is what is all about; sharing the hobby!

Death Squads is NO different! It started as a way of keeping track of this 'Space Hulk with IG' thing that DaBank and myself started putting together back in 2008, and it has turned out into this huge monster! If I had been HALF the smart as you are, I would had looked in the web and never started this thing! Just Kidding Never the less, here we are... a world-wide community pouring time, ideas and energy into making something that none of us would have done alone. We pile in ideas from around the world, each person who demonstrates a true interest in working on the project ACTUALLY being able to have a 'voice and vote' on their field of interest!

Please, do not think of the Staff (Developers, Contributors, Proof Readers and Play Testers) as this mystical beings in a white-tower... well, MAYBE you could think of me as a mystical being... but certainly NOT Lord Greywolf!! Just Kidding Anyhow, ask him. He joined the community and proved to be so enthusiastic that WE begged him to join the Staff. He has proven to be a constant pillar of inspiration and perspiration. Hehehe... and my kids love his accent... eee-doo-eeen... HAHAH! Take Arachas; he joined the community and actively started participating on it and joined the staff a month after. Best vote I made in October (was it October?) It is NOT hard to join the Staff... the "requirements" are not hard to accomplish; basically they are:

  1. Read the rules! :Seriously... you don't know how many people want to 'make Squads' without even reading the rules. Suspect
  2. Play the game!!! : I don't care what you say... you need to play the game! (Yes, I'm looking at you Battle Brother Blackjack13! HA!) Seriously, while in the old days, we have GREAT people join our Staff that never played a game... mostly because they were isolated, those days are over. We need people who can play the game, so they can understand the game. Some of this non-playing Staff still continue to make invaluable contributions in MANY aspects (Yes, I'm STILL looking at you Blackjack13! Double "HA!") that continually inspire us all to pour our hearts and souls into being the best we can... but I don't think we can win the lotto three times in a row! Also... com'n!!! It IS a game... play it!
  3. Be an active member of the community. : This is my personal pet peeve. When we started the project, I coordinated people, documentation, ideas and stuff by email. It was a slow day when we received 40 emails! Just Kidding But we were missing the BEST part... each other! The forum allow us to exchange that part of the hobby we like, with the understanding that we do appreciate what each other is doing. We also get to meet great people... take the case of Arachas. He PM me several months ago, asking me why Death Squads was any good. WTF?!? Sure, I answered and we started to have a nice, polite but strong conversation about the game. Eventually he played it on his group. What made him different, is that he posted his Battle Report, asked questions, posted his views & opinions, shared his tactics... and gently introduced us to his mates. Low and behold... WHAT A BUNCH! Colonel Prius is a master strategist, with a wicked sense of humor, Major Strumm is also his Sensei (they practice Kung Fu) is an awesome individual who inspires respect (and not because he could chop you to bits... I think still over the Internet! Shocked ) and even Major Strumm's son Screw Face, who made us cringe... cool guy, somewhat out-of-whack in the head! HA! They all post not only about their games, put about their hobby... and we are all richer because of it. I can not tell you how much I have appreciated GREAT people like Librarian, mudboy and Lord Greywolf... but don't tell 'em. I have an asshole reputation to keep! Seriously, we want to enrich OUR lives with your experiences!

After the release of TLRB v0.6.0, we will be opening some Staff positions. We will require people to have a serious commitment of time and energy... but each category would have different levels of commitment. Contributors get to help with design of Squads, rules, skills, items, etc. This requires the most time and level of dedication, for obvious reasons. Proof-Reader can take their sweet time writing fluff, backgrounds and finding typos; from this individuals is quality over quantity! Play-Testers will get sent on 'missions' to test new Squads, items, Scenarios and particular situations... and bring back their results (along with some suggestions) to the Contributors, so they can re-design what is needed. From them, we expect MANY hours of gaming... so a nice group would help!

Other people, like you, could help us with the art. As I mentioned on my PM, Dysturbed is our Art Director (WOHOOO!!! I used your title AGAIN!!!) You guys could coordinate the effort, that way you don't need to put too much time investment. We all have LOTS of things. I have a wife and three kids (the reason I'm posting this at 3:30am... then off to work on TLRB!), Dysturbed has 2 jobs and a new business, Styrofoamking has so many jobs I lost count, Dozer has no time to pick up my calls (DAMMIT... answer the phone!!!) and DaBank (besides, wife and kid) coaches sports on the side (he needs to clone himself). We are ALL busy, but that is what makes our Team so great... we all put our 100%!

You OBVIOUSLY has lots (TONS) of talent. We could OBVIOUSLY use your help. But none of that matters, when weight against what we WANT. What we want is for YOU to become an integral part of the community and truly enjoy Death Squads. Then, if we get lucky... we may get schooled by you!

So... go play some games! Take plenty of pictures (I think I get some kind of nutrition out of seeing them!), post your Battle Reports, stories, questions and opinions. Once v0.6.0 is out, play with the Kroot (they will be AWESOME!) and have fun! Then, if you still feeling like helping us, I'm sure Dysturbed can think of 7 quintillion things to do! HA!

WELCOME HOME... enjoy your stay!

PS: And this is a perfect example of 'how' I get easily distracted! Just Kidding Back to TLRB!

The Mordheimer - Death Squads' Chief Editor & Ninja Designer. Bursting with ARACHAS' Dev-Powahâ„¢! Puke
Can't wait until someone invents a time machine so I can go to the specific day in the past that I volunteered for this, so I can kick my own ass.

Support Bacteria; it is the ONLY culture some people have!
Since I ask "What do you think?" to all Staff, I have included it here to save time.

DoZer Flamethrower Mordheimer Justice NEEDS to be Served! Maybe 3rd Degree burns will teach you not to Tom Sawyer me to work!

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PostSubject: Re: Howdy Everybody   Wed Nov 03, 2010 4:33 am

Welcome man. Looks like you have a lot to offer our intrepid little community! Have at it! WE DEMAND PICS!

The one who changes Avatars, Usernames and Squads more than Lady Gaga changes costumes

Avatar art by HeavyMetalHanzo. Used with express permission.
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Major Sturmm


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PostSubject: Re: Howdy Everybody   Wed Nov 03, 2010 9:18 am

Well Skip,
even the bad guys get a warm welcome here at DS. It almost makes you wanna turn to the Light Side .... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! Did I really say that?! Forget it! I will deny it anyway. No matter what. Somebody else wrote it! Stole my password and all.

Get going, play the game, be bad, do your evilest, make them HURT!
Join me and together we shall (o boy: here we go again ...) RULE THE GALAXY!!!! YES YES YES HAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

All the best from the shadows of Holland! Major Sturmm
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PostSubject: Re: Howdy Everybody   

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Howdy Everybody
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