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 Csubissimus' Battle Reports

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PostSubject: Csubissimus' Battle Reports   Thu Nov 04, 2010 3:44 pm

May I open a topic, then post all my battle reports into it, or open one new for all of them?

Battle report:
It was a quick game, lasted something like 30 minutes, 60 with team writing, rolling setting up etc. Which is great I think Smile

So we played Stake Out. I brought eldar
dire avenger exarch (sword, shuriken pistol with scope),
dire avanger aspect warrior (shuriken pistol, scope, avenger armour, helmet),
warlock (shuriken pistol, sword),
2 warrior aspirants (both with sword and shuriken pistol, helmet),
2 guardian with lasguns

My friend brought Imperial Guard
Captain with carapace, helmet, lasgun
Medic with lasgun
Sarge with lasgun, flak jacket, helmet
5 guardsmen, lasgun, helmet
1 guardsman with flamer

He was the defender, and deployed all of his men to the center. I deployed my exarch, warlock and 1 guardian south-middle, preparing for a charge. 2 aspirants and 1 guardian to the west. 1 aspect warrior to the north east.

The game was simple. On the west the guardian provided cover fire, while my aspirants charged to slaughter the guardsmen. On the south my exarch and the farseer ran like hell, to reach his line, using terrain to block line of sight. My aspect warrior tried to block the path, where his captain tries to escape.
His plan was simple. He left 2 guardsmen, the sarge and the flamer guy to fight my western forces, tried to hold the center with 2 guardsmen, while the medic and 1 guardsman tried to protect the captain's flight (I mean... escape Very Happy ).
I was lucky on the west and south sides, stunnig and knocking down some guardsmen. In the third turn I was closing the gap, everyone in firing range, the exarch and an aspirant charging, 3-4 guardsmen lying.
BUT in the shooting phase my aspect warrior managed to get the Captain OOA with one well placed shot to the brain (we rolled serious injury, dead...).

Some experiences:
-Shuriken pistol is awesome Smile Shooting at 18" with no penalty for moving is even better
-My warlock can't cast anything... He failed all of his psy tests...
-Don't try to show a bronze-gold-red-white dire avanger to a fluffist. He will just bitch something like: "They are supposed to be blue-white armour Very Happy "

We had some questions (you will correct me, if I should post it somewhere else)
-The game ends immediately when the leader leaves/dies? Or at the end of the turn?
-Helmet gives a 6+ armour save on its own?
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PostSubject: Re: Csubissimus' Battle Reports   Thu Nov 04, 2010 4:39 pm

We suggest one battle report per post... mostly because we love pictures!
pics or it didn't happen...

If you see our battle reports, more than 'reports', they are 'stories' about what happened... followed by critiques and observations of the game, mechanics, strategies and so on.

WOW! Fast game indeed! Eldars are an 'expensive' Squad... but they get the job done! In our games, we noticed that Eldar Squads tend to be small and well armed (even with las-weaponry)... very fluffy. Personally, I think they are not called Space Fairies for nothing. WAAAGH!!!

On your questions...
We had some questions (you will correct me, if I should post it somewhere else)
I'm coming across like a dictator! HA! You can ask anywhere you want, and we will certainly do our best to answer. Making the questions in individual posts makes them easier to answer by LOTS of people and would serve to help the newbies. Wink

-The game ends immediately when the leader leaves/dies? Or at the end of the turn?
Good question! This will be addressed on v0.6.0, in which each Scenario has specific guidelines. For this Scenario, it is after the Leader is assassinated. This Scenario is undergoing a MAJOR overhaul... more fun and fair. As a matter of fact, I just compiled everyone's suggestions and the Staff should revise it pretty soon. Wink

-Helmet gives a 6+ armour save on its own?
Yes. A fighter with just a Helmet has Armor Save 6+, as well as the protection against Stun that the Helmet provides. If you add a Mesh Armor (Armor Save 6+), then the fighter's Armor Save (Mesh & Helmet) would be a 5+.

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Since I ask "What do you think?" to all Staff, I have included it here to save time.

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PostSubject: Re: Csubissimus' Battle Reports   Thu Nov 04, 2010 4:59 pm

Ok, I promise, that I will post my question to the question topic, one at a post Smile

My friend played with my IG-s, and my eldar are far from finished, as soon as we have our teams ready we will take pictures too .
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PostSubject: Re: Csubissimus' Battle Reports   Sat Nov 06, 2010 2:49 pm

Picsss... we wantss it!

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PostSubject: Re: Csubissimus' Battle Reports   

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Csubissimus' Battle Reports
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