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 Street fight: Krieg Squad vs Zakeadorez de Kogruk

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PostSubject: Street fight: Krieg Squad vs Zakeadorez de Kogruk   Mon Nov 29, 2010 9:07 am

Here you can see the terrain. And the deploy

In his 1st turn, some of the IG move against my komandos trying to engage them in hth, while the others (were was his best shooters and the stubb gun), take good firing places in high ground in the other side of the street.

In my 1st turn i try to stop the advancing IG with my komandos, but from 6 shoots he only get 1 knok down .... The other orks advance. (notice thats is a mistake in trash kan, it run .... we take it back latter )

In his 2nd turn, he put AOA one of my komandos, Stunn my Sneakyboss, who fall down but with no more damage and with 2 IG charged against the 3rd komando ...

The last komando, managed to stand against the 2 IG for 2 turns, while the orks advance and the sneaky take cover in a house covered by the trash kan, who was seriusly damaged. Giving time to some orks to climb the house and the others take position to charge IG. In the aproach, some orks were taken AOA.

Ready to charge, the flamer do supression fire, knoking down the 3 IG, that were chargaed by the boss, a grots and an ork...
In the up of the house, the komando fall down, but orks reinforcement take control of the situation, taking out both IG. In the other side of the street, all the orks, seeing that they dont hit anything with their blastas, hide....

When the IG see his left side destroyed and the boss an trash kan runing against his best mens call a tactical retreat.

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PostSubject: Re: Street fight: Krieg Squad vs Zakeadorez de Kogruk   Mon Nov 29, 2010 11:21 am

Great terrain! It looked good separately in the Terrain forum, but even better collected together on the battlefield.

Splitting your forces seems to have worked well and the Ork combat savvy did the trick. I was worried about the IG taking on your Kommandos, sneeky boyz ur dah bestist! Duvver ladz done come along ta give 'em a-right duffin'.

Shame the boss and kan didn't get a chance to do some damage, they're obviously just too scary.

How did the post-game exploration go? Any good loot?
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PostSubject: Re: Street fight: Krieg Squad vs Zakeadorez de Kogruk   Mon Nov 29, 2010 11:39 am


Your terrain looks GREAT!

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PostSubject: Re: Street fight: Krieg Squad vs Zakeadorez de Kogruk   

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Street fight: Krieg Squad vs Zakeadorez de Kogruk
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