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 New Forge World Land Raider

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PostSubject: New Forge World Land Raider   Mon Dec 20, 2010 11:29 pm

Although this is a bit old (it was released sometime in November), I just got around to reading the rules for the tank.....

Land Raider Achilles Ruleset

Land Raider Achilles Kit

Straight up LR Hull (AV14 all around), transport capacity of 6, two side doors (front hatch is removed for weapon), comes standard with Power of the Machine Spirit, and Ferromantic Invulnerability.....

Weapons: Sponsoons Twin-Linked Multi-Meltas, and a front hull mounted Thunderfire cannon (normally just a glass weapon, but stick it on AV14, and it becomes a thing to be reckoned with; it has three fire modes 60" S6 AP5 Heavy 4 Blast, 60" S5 AP6 Heavy 4 Blast *Ignores Cover, 60" S4 AP- Heavy 4 Blast turns ground into difficult ground for infantry and dangerous ground for tanks)

Now lets get to the ridiculousness of this.....

Ferromantic Invulnerability: Ignores Lance and Melta specials rules (Lance drops AV down to 12, and Melta gives 2d6" Pen at half range). It also reduces any damage rolls (glancing AND penetrating hits) by -1. Good luck getting through this thing. You now have a 3% chance of actually destroying this thing. Only way to take it down is by getting into hand to hand with a monstrous creature or with a chain fist. Top this off with Power of the Machine Spirit, which allows you to fire an extra weapon in addition to any weapons fired during the speed moved. But, this means you can fire a weapon whether or not crew stunned or crew shaken, but on a glance table, with the modifier of the armor, means you cannot do any damage to the Land Raider without rolling a 6 on the chart. Only way to get around this is to glance it with an AP1 weapon.

Stick a Techmarine in there, with 4 servitors with servo arms, and you effectively have an indestructible unmovable Land Raider. You would literally have to roll the explode result on a penetrating chart to stop this thing, and even then it turns only to a wreck result, which means its still giving cover to your techmarine and servitors. For those who don't know, Techmarine can attempt a repair to any vehicle, and hes gotta roll above a 7 I do believe. Each servo arm on his harness grants +1 to the roll, and each servitor with a servo arm also gives a +1. Which means with a 4 servitors and a full servo harness, the Techmarine is guaranteed to repair any damage done to an immobile weaponless Land Raider.....

And now we see why most tournaments do not allow Forge World Units.......

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PostSubject: Re: New Forge World Land Raider   Tue Dec 21, 2010 4:03 am

But dang is it cool.

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PostSubject: Re: New Forge World Land Raider   Tue Dec 21, 2010 4:13 am

That is one mean piece of kit! The model itself looks amazing with the hull armour and thunderfire (Give it ten years and these will be dedicated transports in the latest marine codex! Just Kidding ). Apocalypse brings (with forgeworld) some awesome weapons and kits (which I'd love to have), but I'd rather play Epic and actually have an army that didn't cost me £1000s to buy and decades to paint.

Don't forget about all those Destroyer weapons waiting to kick this models ass at Apocalypse level (which incidently for me is a power gamers heaven and my hell - I've got a baneblade, well I've got a warhound beat that, This is my reaver titan, I've just made an Imperator out of cardboard and spit... What's that? new out from forgeworld a planetwide viral bombardment token only £200.

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PostSubject: Re: New Forge World Land Raider   

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New Forge World Land Raider
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