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 The Star Fighter's

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PostSubject: The Star Fighter's   Sun Dec 26, 2010 9:46 am

Hello folks, below is my new squad for the new rules; also beneath that is the fluff for this squad.

exarch 63
combat knife, shuriken catapult 32, sacred armour

fighter aspirant 41
combat knife, shuriken catapult 32, aspect warior armor 20

fighter aspirant 41
combat knife, shuriken catapult 32, aspect warior armor 20

guardian x5 31
combat knife, shuriken catapultx5 32

ranger 38
combat knife, lasgun 29, mesh armor 20

ranger 38
combat knife, lasgun 29

The Star Fighter's

Thousands of years ago, before the Imperium walked the land a race far supperior ruled the galaxy, the Eldar, but after wars of worlds and the creation of chaos the Eldar gave up the world and settled on a distant planet, out of the reach of the chaotic clutch, they grew their civilisation, increasing in numbers and increasing their forces, but not willing to attempt to destroy the heritics once and for all, one group of Eldar was desgusted at their races decision and decided to form a squad and try to take back what is rightfully theirs.
This squad is called The Star Fighter's and is lead by exarch Jin "iron sight" Lesh, who is renowned for his run and gun tactis, he has is 2 right hand men to help him Hantrak "satan's wrath" Krang and Funtrow "blood tip" Demtral, these men are the last of the fighter aspirants and have wrangled up 5 soldiers to teach them the ropes and to help in their campaign, aswell as these soldiers Jin "iron sight" Lesh brings his highly trained rangers who snipe from the trees and kill from behind at range one of the rangers is the one and only Sangra "craze shot" Jhackle who is infamously known for his 200 yard shot that killed The imperium's last librarian.
These men realise that they must face dangerous enemies such as the filth that is the Orks and the bile Chaos; but these men want what is rightfuly theirs and shall conquer the stars once again.
Shall these men complete their quests and come out victorious?

[center]Only time shall tell

Thanks for reading please leave a comment below on your thoughts and any questions you have feel free to ask.

cheers w-o-t-w
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PostSubject: Re: The Star Fighter's   Sun Dec 26, 2010 9:50 am

Nice start. Small squad so make sure you use cover to advance and do nit get caught out in the open.
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The Star Fighter's
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