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 The E,S,W,

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PostSubject: The E,S,W,   Fri Jan 21, 2011 1:11 pm

This is the story of my Deamon hunter army which I created, once i have the army fully painted i will put ome images on the forum but for now all have is their background, this was written a fair time ago so please excuse any spelling mistakes or over problems, i woul;d like to here what you think. ENJOY! study

The basicsThe E,S,W(emperors shadow in the warp) is a specialist Tyranid hunting force, they are kept secret from the entire universe, the only people who know of their existence are the people working for the E,W,S and some chaos and Tyranid forces (when they are assaulted and slain), not even the Emperor knows of their existance.
The E,S,W is a Daemon Hunters army from the 51st millennium, they come equipped with new units (such as the Valliant corrupt), new weapons (Such as the greater daemon cannon), new vehicles (such as the daemon portal), improved weapons and un-dead Units(which have come back because of the power of the warp they must kill all chaos to close the warp and finally have their eternal sleep).
They are led by an un-named man twice the size of a normal man wearing a black cloak over some unique armour which reflects daemons and has never been damaged (it is the only known set ever to be crafted), he carries a strange an unusual force weapon (this weapon has ripped through many daemon princes, chaos lords and chaos sorcerers but no-one knows where it came from), he is very frightening and powerful, (unfortunately he has gone rogue, he will kill anyone who gets in his way(in the 51st millennium he killed many chapter masters but no-one knew it was him)}This is currently unknown.
The E, S, W was sent back in time by the Emperor to give the Inquisition a chance, not to be victorious, but to survive...

The 51st MillenniumThe 51st millennium is a very different place, new planets have been formed, others destroyed and thousands of neutral species have been wiped out.
Some species who do fight have been destroyed like the Orcs and the squigeerins (squig-ear-rins)( species that formed after the 41st millennium, they came from the sqiugs), More races have joined the war like the Seeds( an ancient civilization formed before man, who are animal like creatures but they contain Chlorophyll) and the plasmanoids ( a recent species, very similar to Tyranids, they are basically living pieces of slime and are one of the 2 species who will fight with the tyranids.
At the moment the tyranids are the biggest threat, the Greater behemoth swarm has mutated over ¼ of the universe. But man is dwindling in population because of Satins crusade (a huge battle between man and chaos which was thought in the eye of the warp sometime between the 45th and 47th millennium (all daemon hunters who died in the warp came back to life in the 51st millennium))

Why they were sent back
The E, S,W came back in time to vanquish chaos before satins crusade happens and hopefully exterminate the Tyranid swarm, Greater Behemoth before they devour the entire universe and the last pocket of humans left.
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PostSubject: Re: The E,S,W,   Fri Jan 21, 2011 11:23 pm

cool a very original idea kinda like back to the future/terminator 40k
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PostSubject: Re: The E,S,W,   Sat Jan 22, 2011 4:07 am

Well.... Space Marines in the 41st Millennium should commit...

After all.. they know they will get screwed!

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PostSubject: Re: The E,S,W,   

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The E,S,W,
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