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 Kroot & Orc lists.

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Red Kaiser

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PostSubject: Kroot & Orc lists.   Fri Feb 04, 2011 3:54 pm


Nob with slugga, slugga and 'Ead bucket.


Sneakyboss with shoota and a pair of choppas.

2X 'Ard Boy with slugga and choppa.


3X Burnaboy with burna.

Ork Boy with slugga and choppa.

2 x Grot with peashooter.

Total = 747CR (I think)

Ok Nob, 'Ard boyz and the boy are armed with what I would call standard fair for ork close combat units... The Weirdboy is naked because I expect him to be doing powers... at some point I guess I would want to buy him some sort of CC weapon... the same kind of thing goes for the Painboy who I guess to start at least will be lurking.

The Burna boyz... in my first draft I had shooty commandos who would infiltrate with the Sneaky boss and with luck get a good position on high ground to rain dakka on people... although the Sneaky boss has two choppas just in case he needs to chop people up^^ However someone said flamers were good to take so I thought what the hell Just Kidding

I then have the grots with peashooters to supply some ranged dakka should it be needed (however weak) with the added bonus that they can be thrown or used as meat shields and/or to help walk over difficult terrain!


Kauyon Evolutionary path

Shaper with an adamantium blade built into his rifle.

2x Head Hunter with kroot rifle.

Shaman with Shaman's staff.

Stalker with Kroot Rifle.

3x Kroot Hounds.

2x Vultures with kroot rifles.

Healthcare professional

2x Kroot Carnivores with kroot rifle.

Ok from my experiance with kroot in 40k (yes I know it is a different game) kroot are neither shooty or close combat units but can do both fairly well if they choose the right targets... one of reasons why I've used the kroot rifle on almost everyone. So my plan is to play a sneaky kroot army using terrain to my advantage and taking pot shots at people... or if I'm in a position where people are going to be able to out shoot me then I can sneak up on them and get into combat.

Most of this list is pretty simple... the vultures give me some mobillity and will help me get into some good positions for shooting people... the kroot hound give me greater numbers.

Go shred the lists!

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PostSubject: Re: Kroot & Orc lists.   Fri Feb 04, 2011 4:12 pm

Can't help you with the kroot, but here is my take on the orks...

Give the Nob the best weapons you can - I'd go Blasta, Choppa, Ead Bucket (even Mesh if you can - it can then be given to another officer later, if you buy looted carapace) - it's cheaper.

Weirdboy is going to use his powers - I gave mine a club (but he's never used it!)

Sneaky Boss I haven't gone for any shootas in my squad (a blasta choppa combo gives you dakka and close combat, without the extra choppa cost)

Ard Boy combos look good

Burnas do look good (I went for kommandos - but I have some burnas modelled for the next squad)

Recruits pretty solid (You might be tempted to get a few more meatshield orks though and get one of your burnas later)

Hope this helps
Ta Laney Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Kroot & Orc lists.   Sat Feb 05, 2011 2:11 am

peashooter... hehehe... sorry! It is a new weapon and still cracks me up!

My suggestions. Remember... this are based on my personal opinions, limited experiences ( :p ) and idiotic brain. Feel free to prove me wrong, usually not hard to do!

I don't think you are taking advantage of the Nob's rule to buy HIS initial equipment at 50% off. Deck him out the best you can! I would get the Weirdboy a couple of Clubs; they are super cheap and WAY better that Bare Handed! Careful how you use the Sneaky Boss... without other Kommandoz, you do NOT want to Infiltrate too close!

You have a "medic" with Toughness 4!!! Leaving the Painboy back is... not smart. Give him 2 Clubs and treat him an an "Officer"... don't send him on the 1st wave, but send him along with others on a counter-assault. Make your investment back! Three Burna Boyz? WOW! You are going for BBQ-style! Flamethrower Flamers are fun, but your opponent will learn QUICKLY how to counter them. I think the investment of 3 Burna Boyz is to steep for the initial Squad. For each Burna Boy with Flamer (+1 credit) you can get 2 naked Boyz (hehehe... that sound BAD!) I suggest getting 2 Burna Boyz and 2 additional Boyz. Drop the Slugga and Choppa from the Boy you have... dual Clubs. His BS is so bad he is not worth the money. Save 37 credits, and use them to buy Clubs for this Boy and the other 2.

I LOVE Gretchins... really! Kissy But they are a distraction for the opponent. They are EXPENDABLE!!! A peashooter costs MORE than a beloved Grot! Drop the 2 peashooters and get ANOTHER Boy with a Club. Leave the 2 Grots weaponless... let them hang out near the Nob and use them as your ingredient for Living Shield. Eventually, if you FIND a Combat Knife you can give them one... OR if someone gains +1 BS (keep 'em in different groups to max the chance), then buy him a peashooter.

With the recommendations above you gain 4 more Ork Boyz... YIKES!

OK... you went for the Ninja Kroot. Cool! The list seems solid... I would drop the Healthcare Professional; he/she/it costs 22 credits + 8 to upkeep. Right now, that makes a difference. I would drop the Shaman Staff (save 17 credits)and the Kroot Rifles from the Head Hunters (save 54 credits), for a total 71 credits. The Shaman should be a support Psyker... no need to send him to fight just yet! The Head Hunters ARE close combat monsters... with Vicious Charge they are WS 4, S 5!!! They are Marine killers! You need to Walk and Hide (sneaky, so you don't get shot!) so shooting is over rated for them. Arm the Head Hunters with Sword (parry!) and Chain (does not allow to parry the attack!) combo for 62 credits.

Buy Smoke Grenades and "make" your own cover! hehehehe. Use Vultures as snipers... make 'em fly to TALL buildings out of enemy LoS... force your opponent to move out of their reach and cause him to slow down... if he gets fresh, move 'em 1" and shoot... or drop grenades!!! HAHAHAH! Then send the doggies... they should be the 1st wave of assault. They are disposable! 2nd wave should be the Carnivores... the Head Hunters should go for 'tough' targets.

Hope it helps!

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PostSubject: Re: Kroot & Orc lists.   Tue Feb 15, 2011 5:00 am

Quick question (and first post Very Happy ), can one really use chains in combination with a sword? In the armoury it says that you cant use a chain with another weapon as the chain take up all your concentration.

And dont worry Mord, I will post an introduction on the Welcome Mat soon Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Kroot & Orc lists.   

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Kroot & Orc lists.
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