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 Inquisitor Aurelius and Retinue

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PostSubject: Inquisitor Aurelius and Retinue   Mon Dec 28, 2009 12:31 pm

A while ago, I started on an Inquisitor and his retinue for =I=munda. There are already many more members to his retinue, but I did not have the opportunity to take pictures at the moment.

First, Inquisitor Aurelius Primus himself. He is armed with a boltgun and a power/force hammer. He's member of the radical branch of the Recongregators.

Next, his sister Fulvia, of the SIsters of Silence. She's a pariah wielding a C'Tan phase sword.

Then, Melissa the orphan, she joined after killing an IG Veteran who was member of the Inquisitor's retinue (that's where she got the bolt pistol)

And last, a group shot with Fyodor Shuss, Veteran of the Vostroyan Firstborn, to the right.

There are also a Sister Hospitalier (the one from the Ordo Hereticus retinue) and a Sister of Battle, who will one day look like the skinhead sister with storm bolter in one of the codices. Also, I am working on a Sister of Silence guard, but she'll not feature in this retinue.

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PostSubject: Re: Inquisitor Aurelius and Retinue   Mon Dec 28, 2009 12:57 pm

You do GREAT work man! I'm speech-less... and that is hard to do!

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Inquisitor Aurelius and Retinue
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