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 Full disclosure

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PostSubject: Full disclosure   Thu Jul 16, 2009 4:07 pm

Just so everyone is on the same page.

This website is independent from, and does not have the support of DaBank. The website was made without his consult and does not reflect the current state of the game. In this regard, this forum is NOT "The Official Community of the fan-based game Death Squads." This may change sometime in the future, but for the present this site should be viewed as a source, not THE source, for death squads material.

The schism between DaBank and Mordheim is currently unresolved. In time we shall see whom is the emperor, and whom is Horus. confused
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PostSubject: Re: Full disclosure   Thu Jul 16, 2009 11:56 pm


Hi! We value you opinion, and you are more than welcomed to state your views. Smile The situation between DaBank and the other four local developers (including myself) basically is about the validation of thousands of hours of work. In one side, is about some beleiving that one person should be making decisions (regardless of what others think) and on the other side is about empowering everyone who puts the same level of energy in a level playing field.

We believe in the validation of everyone's opinion. We believe that we all have plenty to contribute. We do not believe in that anyone should put the others down for any reason. The situation, to be honest, was pretty ugly. Fortunatelly, it was a local issue.

Anyone is to believe anything the choose to. Four people leaving the old private developing platform independently are a clear sign that something was not right. Amends were made... and the errors in which I had part of doing expressed, regreted and apologized. I you want, I could send you privately all the original conversations we had a month ago (not the ones today) in which attempts to bring reason to the madness was attempted.

Hopefully everyone involved will understand that this is not about shutting some people out, but about letting everyone in. Pound by pound I'm responsible for more than half of the material in TLRB... yet I can't consider it mine. Many others contributed lots of hours into this thing.

All in all, I do not think of anyone as the Emperor... nobody is in total control. Nobody is Horus, traying to take over. The core of Death Squads has been released to the world, and gamers are to make it or break it. Those who contribute here, will have a voice and a vote. We will all discuss and share. It is this, and nothing else, that makes all of us part of "The Official Community of the fan-based game Death Squads." Very Happy

We hope to see more of your insights posted in the right threads.

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Full disclosure
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