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 Kroot list

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PostSubject: Kroot list   Fri Aug 12, 2011 5:17 am

I still don't know which Path i will choose. Bakka or Kauyon ;>

So, here is a list:

Kroot Rifle /w Adamantite (or Bio Electric Field to finish marines easly)

2* HeadHunter
Smoke Granades



Kroot Rifle

2 * Vultures
Kroot Rifle

Kroot Rifle

2 Hounds

I have 14 points spare.

First Plan:

After first game i plan to get Heavy Stubber and Carnivore. Carnivore gets Rifle and Maskawizi Heavy Stubber. If i cant find Heavy Stubber I will buy more carnivores and hounds and smoke granades. Because of that i store 14 credits. If i have 2 suplies to sell i still can afford to buy carnivore/stubber and one smoke granade.

Is Kroot Rifle in Close Combat used in one, or two hands? Can i use it /w other weapon?
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PostSubject: Re: Kroot list   Fri Aug 12, 2011 6:57 am

Hi! Welcome to Death Squads! Feel free to stop by the Welcome Mat and introduce yourself.

You have quite a dilemma there. The Kauyon Evolutionary Path is the ninja... stealth. The Bakka Evolutionary Path is the techie... equipment. Which path to take? Depends on how you feel like playing. At its core, the Kroot are "intentionally aggressive". You see, they are inclined to initiate the assault... one swing, one kill. If they don't (or are assaulted) they loose the Vicious Charge and thus that amazing advantage. You need to ALWAYS have this present... one wrong move (literally!) would allow your opponent the charge.

The Kauyon Evolutionary Path will allow you to make the TLGT Recruit to become a Stalker... another Infiltrator capable of assaulting enemies within range but or of LoS. Opponents learn quickly about Vicious Charge and will tend to have people at 6"... but around a corner. Normally you could not assault (no LoS and too far to normally detect), but the Stalker can. Unlike other Infiltrators, which tend to be 'molestation' units, your Stalkers are to... stalk... the enemy. There are no easy solutions.

The Bakka Evolutionary Path will allow you to get some Wargear, which you can use as 'fast & cheap' advancements. They would allow you to see (or shoot) farther or move (or assault) easier. The combinations require thought. There are no easy solutions.

Your Squad seems small... but packs a punch. I would change a Vulture for a Carnivore... the Vicious Charge is important. Then again, having Fighters 'jumping' from rooftop to rooftop with ease is super fun... make for quick & dirty snipers!

Don't forget to share pictures of your Kroot Mercenaries! Wink

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Kroot list
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