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 Foodmachine - An Opportunity to be Charitable while Gaming

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Foodmachine - An Opportunity to be Charitable while Gaming Empty
PostSubject: Foodmachine - An Opportunity to be Charitable while Gaming   Foodmachine - An Opportunity to be Charitable while Gaming I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 18, 2011 7:52 am

Foodmachine - An Opportunity to be Charitable while Gaming Foodmachine2011

It’s time for the Privateer Press community to band together again and help fight hunger through the annual Foodmachine charity drive. This is the 6th year now that Privateer Press gamers around the world have held Foodmachine charity events combining their love of gaming with their desire to help the needy. If this is your first time, don’t worry! It’s easy to get involved and this information will help you.

Foodmachine was conceived by the St. Louis River Dogs and has grown significantly. Now the torch has been passed to the NJ Somerville Ogrun Bokurs (NJ SOBs) to keep the movement growing. On behalf of all of us we want to first thank you, the Organizer. We know you’re going to be putting in lots of time and energy to make this event a success for both your local players and the overall effort to fight hunger in your local community. Despite many amazing advances in agriculture, there are still people who go to bed hungry at night, even in fully developed countries. You and others like you all around the globe are helping to make a difference by collecting canned goods for your local pantry.

The idea behind Foodmachine is simple – support a good cause by playing games and having fun. This can be a large involved event or a smaller tournament, it’s up to you. What matters is that your players have a good time, they donate canned food to a local organization, and everyone walks away knowing it was a day well spent. A Foodmachine event can be any kind of tournament format with this one twist: built in cheating! (Would you expect anything else from a bunch of SOBs?) By donating canned goods, players can "cheat" during their games. The more cans you donate, the more you can cheat. A list of suggested cheats can be found within the rules packet.

Website *Click Here*
Download Organizers Packet for Your Gaming Store *Click Here*

Basicly to get involved in this with your gaming store, they need to get in contact with these guys so you can report how many cans you get in the end so they know a overall number. And the food collected goes to your local food bank. I think it's a amazing idea and helping out folks in your town.

Thanks for Listening!!

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Foodmachine - An Opportunity to be Charitable while Gaming
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