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PostSubject: NEW TO FORUMS   Wed Oct 19, 2011 11:14 pm

Hi. I am J.R. I live in Elizabeth City, NC, but do most of my gaming at Atlantis Games & Comics in Chesapeake, VA & Tower of Games in Chesapeake VA.
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PostSubject: Re: NEW TO FORUMS   Thu Oct 20, 2011 1:30 am

Welcome to the forums. I am guessing you are one of Mordheimer's new recruits (converts). Post up some pictures for us as you get your squad together!
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PostSubject: Re: NEW TO FORUMS   Thu Oct 20, 2011 1:41 am

Welcome to Death Squads!

Any thoughts on what squad you plan to build?

Laney Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: NEW TO FORUMS   Thu Oct 20, 2011 3:16 am

Welcome to the club! Smile
Enjoy your stay and post pics of your goods! (I mean your models with that Wink)
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PostSubject: Re: NEW TO FORUMS   Thu Oct 20, 2011 3:39 am

LOL Gatlag. Wink

Welcome to Death Squads jrcob! Indeed, Elizabeth City is these days home to our very own Mordheimer. Be sure you don't talk to him, or he'll eat your soul!

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PostSubject: Re: NEW TO FORUMS   Thu Oct 20, 2011 5:16 am

Hey, welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy your stay here.

As above, what squad are you planning on making and using? And have you got any models already for pictures? Smile
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PostSubject: Re: NEW TO FORUMS   Thu Oct 20, 2011 9:12 am


It is a pleasure to met you here and I'm looking forward to see you in person (no Narcissus, I haven't converted met him YET!). It is very cool that you play at Atlantis and Tower of Games (I have been in all the stores). It would definitely make our life easier when it comes to make a group. My plan is to elevate our local store, Earth 383, so it becomes a great place for us to play. Although I loved the space and selection of the other stores, they are an hour drive away. I already started talks with the powers-that-be at Earth 383, so we could get support from their end. If we could capture the locals at Elizabeth City, we can do our part to make it OUR playground. For example, if we start scratch-building terrain then we could leave it at the store... and eventually the store could buy some 'pretty' terrain for us to paint and prepare for common use there. Same things with tables.

What I think that Earth 383 needs is an enthusiastic Event Coordinator. They have the will to move forward, but they are hesitant. They don't feel like the locals can support the investment in time and money for 40k... thus forces those (like you) to travel to another place, which perpetuates the cycle. This is where Death Squads comes in! Death Squads is small enough that each player does NOT have to invest much ($30 - $40) in models, they can be painted fairly quickly, and you don't need tons of tables & terrain to play. We (the players) can start small, making local 'events' to encourage people painting models (such as an Iron-Painter contest... you bring your Squad of 15 models unpainted, we get 12 hrs to finish them... winners get some store credit), clinics on how to build simple, yet practical, terrain pieces (store provides raw materials)... this would help also Warmachine Players, so we have LOTS of people. After we start playing Death Squads Campaigns, other players would join, which would make the community stronger... and 40k would make its re-appearance.

So, J.R.... what 40k armies do you play? Any idea what Squads you are interested in playing? Could you stop by this thread (LINK) ... that way we start getting organized. THANKS!

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PostSubject: Re: NEW TO FORUMS   Sat Oct 22, 2011 11:46 am

I play grey knights. I have black templars, & tryanids. I have only scanned thru the rules so I am not sure what I want to run.
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PostSubject: Re: NEW TO FORUMS   

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