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 WTS: Ork Squad

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Lord GreyWolf


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PostSubject: WTS: Ork Squad   Sun Oct 30, 2011 10:50 pm

Clearing out some old projects that aren't going anywhere.

The Squad:
Ork Nob [with bionic attachment: wheels, large chopper, kustom blasta]
Sneaky boss [chain saw, and shoota]
Flash Gitz [armed with 1xshoota, and 1x big shoota] + Grot Aid: target aid [oops will post a pic of this guy soon]
1x trash-Kan
2x Ard Boyz
1x Kommando [buzz saw, shoota]
1x Burna boy [flammer]
1x Loota [big shoota]
1x weird boy
3x grots [armed with groota pee shooter, anmd 2 with wings: eg flings, grotz armour]
1x grot aid, AMMO

prefer $$ but would consider trades for my Necron bitz i am after. make an offer shrug regarding the $$$

here is the Flash Gitz

Armed with Big shoots and Sazzgun [it has two ammo feeds its orkish.... more bullets more mayhem.]

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WTS: Ork Squad
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