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 Green Stone Cup Blood Bowl Tournament

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Lord GreyWolf

Lord GreyWolf

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PostSubject: Green Stone Cup Blood Bowl Tournament   Sun Nov 13, 2011 12:42 am

Well I am about to head up to Auckland shortly for my very first GreenStone Cup and prolly the most amount of Blood Bowl games I have played in the last 18 months... [Glad I am getting a few games into night to refresh the mind on the rules]

My Team:
Name: Plague Dolls
Type: Nurgle
Owner/Head Coach: Father Plague-mas
4x Nurgle Warrirors [Skills: 3x Block, 1x Tentacle]
4x Pestigors [Skills: Tackle, Disturbing Presence, Extra Arm, Big Hand]
1x Beast of Nurgle [Skill: Block]
5x Rotters [Skills: NONE]
3x Re-rolls

Would add some pics but I had to do some touch ups as the varnish I used was a matt finish but it left some white residue on the figs so it was panic stations this morning applying a coat of thinned brown ink to hide the white marks. Thankfully it did the job and on some of the minis it looks like some kind of white disease. I have opted for a Xmas toy story feel using Wicked dolls for Rotters, Plague Bears as Pestibears, a Big Ted for my Bear of Nurgle [still a BoN]. And Also some weird robots as my Nurgle Warriors. Add in Father Plague-mas, a barrel of Plague-nog and my three trusty re-rolls Nurglings [Danny Dungfly, Bob Boogers, and Ollie Ooze.] The team is an interesting bit of work and was fun if not mentally challenging to make due to time constraines [eg late delivery on some of the figs] the Nurgle warriors were a last minute creation.

So If I get time and an internet connection I will update how my games went and also what the finally out come is. [Most likely awarded the Wooden Spoon yah me!!!!]<----- no Big D it will me MINE!!!!!

My main goal is not to win games over the weekend so when i do it will be a special moment. [quick hand me a box of tissues] Also my secondary goal is to maim,behead, gut, skin, flay, castrate, as many players as I can so I can try for the highest CAS record. <----- what a goal!!!!!

I know the down sides of playing Nurgle and what to expect. So I don't have high hopes for my skills in this area but its a chance for me to get away from the kids and my lovely wife and have some good ole man time.

So keep tuned and see how my adventure or misadventures go.... I hope they will be nice to me being a Greenstone virgin and all........


Well 11 coaches were able to show up for this tournament, here is how it went for me:

Day one

Game 1: Nurgle Vs Norse
lost 0-2
Cas: 0-5
My first game was against a veteran Nurgle player so he knew how to deal with Nurgle and my inexperience showed but I learnt a lot from him and took what he told me and I was able to use it in my other games.
Notes of interest: his Ice troll failed his wild animal test three times in a row.

Game 2: Nurgle Vs Human
lost 0-1
Cas: 2-0
The second game was a lot closer and i only got scored against due to a bounce of the ball going his way and scoring.
Plus my BoN was out of action failing stupid rolls. I learnt that you can be to spread out my Disturbing presence wasn't effecting enough of his ability to pass as he found a gap and was able to pass.
Notes of interest: Jame's frustration at Disturbing presence and Foul Appearance as he kept rolling 1's so couldn't hit me or the amount of modifiers stopped him from passing. Until I spread out to thin and he go throw.

Game 3: Nurgle Vs Gobbos
Won 2-0
Cas: 4-0
Well this game went my way plenty of 1's rolled for foul appearance. Alot of hits going each way and his fanatic causing me a few concerned moments as he mowed his way down the field but after he got knocked on his arse it was all good from there. Had a big mosh pit going with the ball bouncing around wildly it was a funny thing to watch as both teams scrambled for the ball.
Notes of Interest: Nick Rolling 16 Ko returns and only getting 2. my team actually caging up and scoring... not once but TWICE!!!!. <---- then again he had only 3 players left on the field [1 troll and 2 gobbos]

Game 4: Nurgle Vs Wood Elves
lost 1-2
Cas: 2-0
Yucky Woodies... he scored fast in the first half that dam leap skill and dodge he was able to dance around me and score. But I was lucky and was able to make a cage and come back and score. Alot of bouncing ball as both our ball handlers were sacked and others failed to collect the ball. It came down to the last couple of turns and I blocked his catcher with my Nurgle warrior pushing into the crowd the throw in went against me and heading down to my touch zone where he was able to collect on his last turn and score winning him the game... lousy dice roll on my part.... ]
Notes of Interest: having a 3 dice block and rolling "trilpe Skulls" only player to do so..... lucky I had a spare re-roll to use.

It has been a fun day and I have rekindled my desire to start a league in Te Aroha. It may be the tiniest league in NZ but it will hopefully grow. Will up date how day two goes when I get home tomorrow night. Will draw the Generosity prize tomorrow night as well so get in NOW if you want a fig...


Well here is what Day two bought for me

Day Two

Game 5: Nurgle Vs Chaos
Lost 0-1
Cas: 3-?
This was an interesting game and for next years Greenstone Cup a team I am going to be making as I love the feel of it and learnt alot about the Chaos team and the Nurgle team from him.
Notes Of interest: Dam that Frenzy keep away from the side lines. Its one thing I learnt the hard way getting pushed towards the side line and then getting a turn at crowd surfing..... fun for some not me...

Game 6: Nurgle Vs Humans
Draw 1-1
Cas: 3-3
This was a great game Christian pretty much ran the ball down the side and camped until turn and scored it only left me with the 2nd half to try and come back and get a score to make a draw. He kicked off and I was able to make a cage i slowly grind my way down the side of the pitch and was able to score on my turn 8 there was nothing he could do for his last turn so it ended in a draw.

Conclusion and Prize giving

It was a fun event and I am heading back next year in September for another fun event. I think i did ok for my 1st ever Blood Bowl tournament and also considering the Friday night before the tournament I had my 1st game in 2 years.
each opponent I faced was very helpful and I learnt alot from them all.

Now my ranking was 10th out of 11th I only just got ahead of the Gobbos LOL.

Now for the Prize giving:
1st place: Dave [Norse]
2nd place: Kylie [Norse]
3rd place: Paul [Chaos]
Wooden spoon: Nic [gobbos]
Softest team: ____ [woodies] eg had the most CAS against them
Cas: Kylie
TD's: Kylie
Fouls: Big D

Sportsmanship: Big D
Best Painted team: ME!!!! [Nurgle] <----- I was speechless not sure on the criteria.... shrug....

heres the proof:


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PostSubject: Re: Green Stone Cup Blood Bowl Tournament   Sun Nov 13, 2011 1:04 am

CONGRATZ!!!! Excellent... 10th out of 11... that is MY BOY!!!! Heheheh... Based on how much you struggled to paint the models, I'm ULTRA happy you got recognition! Besides, your paint and modeling is very original. CONGRATZ!

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PostSubject: Re: Green Stone Cup Blood Bowl Tournament   Sun Nov 13, 2011 1:15 am

Congrats on the best painted. Looks like you had a fun weekend.
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PostSubject: Re: Green Stone Cup Blood Bowl Tournament   Sun Nov 13, 2011 4:41 am

I've got to get some Blood Bowl action - this is great! I haven't played Blood Bowl properly since I was a teenager (Norse sound cool - lots of killing!). Not last place is something to build on for next year!

Do you know your CAS ranking for the competition?

Best Painted! Fantastic Job - Well Done LGW!


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Lord GreyWolf

Lord GreyWolf

Posts : 2218
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Age : 43
Location : Te Aroha, New Zealand

PostSubject: Re: Green Stone Cup Blood Bowl Tournament   Sun Nov 13, 2011 4:49 am

Already starting my Next years team Chaos with a Slaanesh theme to it...

Going to practice using them against my brother inlaws Norse team and also making up an Orc team as well to play against. I might even try and make a few other teams to practice against.... yay more conversions and themes....

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PostSubject: Re: Green Stone Cup Blood Bowl Tournament   Sun Nov 13, 2011 7:29 am

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PostSubject: Re: Green Stone Cup Blood Bowl Tournament   Mon Nov 14, 2011 4:16 am

Ha! Well done! Very Happy

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Lord GreyWolf

Lord GreyWolf

Posts : 2218
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Age : 43
Location : Te Aroha, New Zealand

PostSubject: Re: Green Stone Cup Blood Bowl Tournament   Tue Nov 22, 2011 8:08 pm

Been busy converting up more teams hoping to get some more game time in soon.

its been great getting back into this game really looking forward to next years GreenStone Cup and the inter-state challenge in 2013 [in Australia]
I may even try to get to a World Cup one of these days.

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PostSubject: Re: Green Stone Cup Blood Bowl Tournament   

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Green Stone Cup Blood Bowl Tournament
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