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 Breevan and its 22nd Regiment

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PostSubject: Breevan and its 22nd Regiment   Fri Nov 25, 2011 5:28 pm

So, I wrote some basic background for my IG squad - the planet they come from. It's called Breevan and it's rather cold piece of rock. But as I still keep getting lost in W40k fluff, I would like to ask you for some advices, notions and opinions about my idea. One thing I know I need help with is location - which segmentum? I was thinking of Segmentum Pacificus. What do you think?

(EDIT - Regiment and Blue Company Description added, see below)

And here is the description of the planet:

System: Breevan (K –class star, 6 planets, one habitable)
Planet Name: Breevan II (standard orbit, moderate axial tilt; 43k km circumference)
Planet Function: Mining world
Government: High Council of Domes
Planet Type: Terrestrial
Terrain: Glacier, mostly flat with low height mountains
Gravity: Standard (1.1G)
Atmosphere: Breathable
Length of Day: 29 standard hours
Length of Year: 246 local days
Hydrosphere: Moderate
Temperature: Frosty (-10 to -40)
Population: 2 billion

Breevan II is a earth-size planet with very cold surface. Most of it is covered with snow and ice for whole year, only a thin stripe around equator melts down during summer and enjoys temperatures around 15 °C. However, average temperatures on Breevan surface are much lower than that.

Breevan has very hot core that provides heat to great system of natural underground tunnel systems. These are deep under surface, under the layer of ore that prevents the heat reaching the surface. These tunnels are where Breevan fauna and flora evolved in very specific way. As the light is rare in tunnels (there grows some fluorescent moss), most of the animals is using echolocation or infrared-based sight. Orks have been known to live here to, being probably descendants of some Ork space travellers who crashed on this planet and found their way to the tunnels. Hot and humid environment of tunnels eased their “reproduction”, so they became the dominant species (until Imperium arrived)

Breevan is more like mining colony with “just” 2 billion inhabitants. They live in dome-cities - great glasshouses usually build over some tunnel exhaust, which provides heat from within the planet. Each Dome takes care of several mines. The main resource is the Breevan ore – heatshielding ore that lies in thick layer deep under surface. Other ores can be fund here too. Big part of the city usually lies underground, closer to the cores heat, the Dome itself is more for an agricultural use.

The Domes themselves cannot handle the production for its people. This is why the equator stripe is heavily cultivated during the summer – enough food means certain level of independence on the Imperium.

There are several manufactotrium Domes on Breevan, mostly manufacturing mining equipment.

The government consists of Imperium appointed Governor and Council of Domes. Something similar to constitutional monarchy takes place.

History of human kind on this planet is relatively short – only three hundred years. When the first Imperial colonists came, they were wiped out by Orks from below. The second wave came with several regiments. That was enough to destroy main greenskin forces and drive the rest so deep underground they probably got boiled in the heat from planets core. There are still some problems with Orks on Breevan from time to time, but patrols are able to keep them on the bay.

As part of the tithe, Breevan gathers rather small regiment every ten years. This regiment of approximately 2000 soldiers is divided to Companies, depending on location they come from - there is Green Company from Domes around equator, Red Company formed from underground patrols, Yellow Company from the Polar Regions and Blue Company from “Moderate Regions”. These Companies are not same in numbers (Blue Company usually being the most numerous). Also equipment and training can differ slightly (for example Red Company usually uses some of underground animals and is trained for fight in darkness, while Yellow Company is trained for low temperature fighting).

Description of 22nd regiment and its companies follows:

22nd Regiment
New recruits and new regiment. They are in training so far, getting ready to fight for the Imperium and God Emperor. General of this regiment, Arthur Baxley, is an old veteran from 18th Breevan Regiment which earned name “Malhart Purifiers”, after heroically defeating an uprising in Malhart System, not too far from Breevan. All the recruits are looking up to him as to their hero, as well as to several other officers he brought from his former regiment. 22nd have earned name yet, but all the lads hope to achieve some similar successes as their general.

Blue Company
Blue company of 22nd Breevan Regiment consist of circa 800 souls. Its leader is Colonel Jeremy Cross, sometimes nicknamed “Hardhead”, who came with General Baxley from 18th. Rumour goes that it was him, who killed the leader on Malhart rebellion. Rest of the Company Officers comes from PDF and Security ranks as well as from “Cold Partols” who help searching for greenskin threat on snow-covered plains. Company is divided to 73 squads, so far designated just by number (although it usual for squads to get some name after first action they come into... if they survive).

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PostSubject: Re: Breevan and its 22nd Regiment   Fri Nov 25, 2011 6:10 pm

Looks GREAT! The Segmentum is fine. I love that the world is already alive with all those details, which although don't have to do anything with the game itself, it does enrich everyone's experience. GREAT!

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PostSubject: Re: Breevan and its 22nd Regiment   Sat Nov 26, 2011 9:35 am

Good stuff. I like the separation of the companies, makes me think you could use the same planet to represent any of the regional platoons. Red Company seems like a decent fit for Jenkalas, Yellow would fit the Ice Fighters, etc.
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PostSubject: Re: Breevan and its 22nd Regiment   

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Breevan and its 22nd Regiment
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