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PostSubject: Prodigal Son   Prodigal Son I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 28, 2012 5:45 am

Just like him I have returned, hopefully new and improved in my new incarnation.

So, what excuse can I offer up for almost a years absence? None really. However, I will hopefully be able to assuage your fears / worries / anger with two bits of very good news. Since I was last amongst you I have learned a new language (not entirely, but pretty well), gotten a new job, moved house twice and will be playing my first game of DSProdigal Son 778760 tomorrow!

My new language is Swedish, and I now have a pretty competent understanding of it, although my spoken and written abilities need work.

My new job is rather more interesting to the community - I run a gaming store. We're a fairly small business, based in Stockholm and whilst we do have a physical shop the majority of our sales are over the Internet. I have been working there for nearly a year and am currently enjoying it immensely. It also give me access to some acceptable quality terrain, gaming tables and miniatures.

Over the summer I ran a Necromunda campaign, which unfortunately fizzled out in the homestretch but my plan is to introduce DSProdigal Son 778760, starting tomorrow and get some of the guys involved. We have a lot of interest in 40K but the newest edition of the rules doesn't seem to be drawing much of a crowd, so I'm hoping to run the skirmish route. I've gotten five or six potential sign-ups and have another two to five I could probably add to that. We'll have to see what happens, of course, because there is a great deal of competition from games like Warmachine / Hordes, Malifaux and Infinity.

So, my apologies to the community at large for abandoning you like a red-headed baby and my congratulations on the release of the latest edition - I have already downloaded it and will be reading up for my first game.

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PostSubject: Re: Prodigal Son   Prodigal Son I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 28, 2012 10:13 am

WELCOME BACK jammydodger!!!!

Like always, we are ALWAYS happy to see people come back! Do not worry... you have been VERY busy. Moving domicile is no easy feat (I did that last October) and your move seems to be titanic! Really cool that you learned Swedish... especially since you are intended in spreading Death Squads!!! YEAH!

Remember to take pics of your first game... and share them in a Battle Report! You know we all love to read them! Also, if you could do us a small favor... could you collect some data (LINK) about the Squads you play? We need to figure out how to tweak the Squad Rating for the next revision of TLRB (yes... we are working on that, no ETA), and the more information we get, the better.

Now for the big one... a gaming store? Shocked WOW!!! UBBER COOL! First, feel free to put a discrete link to your store on your signature. I appreciate you respecting the rules (no ads), but a discrete link HELPS the community. Who knows... may be we got some members in Europe that could benefit from visiting or ordering from you guys. It would satisfy my curiosity, but the shipping would kill me! Just Kidding

It is really exciting that you are running a store and you ARE making events! Obviously you have the organizational skills. Only advice I can tell you... players love... WANT... to be the center of attention! Each Player wants to be the hero from which stories and legends are born. Death Squads gives you the tools to make that possible. The game is OBJECTIVE based, unlike many others that have an objective, but you get equally rewarded for killing the enemy (and as such, there is no point in attempting to reach the much difficult goals of the Mission Objective.) Naturally, Players will have triumphs and defeats... and if you encourage EACH PLAYER to write a little something on what happen, they WILL make even the most crushing defeat sound 'cool'... and legends are born!

In the 1st Campaign, there was a Player that could not win any games. In his 1st game, he lost the Leader and 3 Officers. Shocked Any other person would had started a new Squad... but not the Duke of Earl! We saw his Squad struggling every game, and his horrible tactical decisions (... and I though I was bad!) made for horrible games. His short (3 paragraphs!) stories about each game were about incompetency, internal bickering and plain old stupidity. Until he was told he was going to face the Orks... he was supposed to assassinate their Leader. This Squad was undefeated in 8 games. Everyone laughed, patted the Duke and walk away. Like always, he went at it with relentless fury. Nobody was more surprised than me when HE won. Not only I lost for the first time... but I lost to Earl! His story became one of struggle against all odds, showcasing the resiliency of the human spirit! For that, we broke the rules of the Campaign and awarded him Campaign Victory. Of ALL the games, we always remember Earl's... what a riot!

Do the same for your players. Have them write a Squad background... require it. At 1st they will hate it. After every game, force them to write a short 'version' of the game, through their Squad's perspective. Suddenly bitter enemies, fears, overconfidence and boasting will surface. The PLAYERS will WANT to know what happened next! After few games, most will be writing something on their own... and you have in your hand THE best Campaign in recent memory at hand!

Well... take care! Great luck in your new venture! Remember the Prisoner Exchange 2012 (LINK). You could join... but this could ALSO work for you. Have EVERY Player in the Campaign make a Prisoner and have an exchange mid-campaign. Will create bonds among players!

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PostSubject: Re: Prodigal Son   Prodigal Son I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 28, 2012 1:47 pm

Welcome Back!

That's been an eventful 12 months!

Keep us updated on the campaign (and good luck on recruiting people).


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PostSubject: Re: Prodigal Son   Prodigal Son I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 28, 2012 2:15 pm

Welcome "back".. feels wrong saying back, when I was not active before you left..

Where did you move from ??

I lived in sweden myself for 4 years...
Learing to understand swedish might not be to hard, but understaning the swedish is A LOT harder:
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PostSubject: Re: Prodigal Son   Prodigal Son I_icon_minitime

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