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 2/25/12 1500 Point 40k Tournament

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PostSubject: 2/25/12 1500 Point 40k Tournament   Sun Feb 26, 2012 5:36 pm

I made it up the my LGS to play in a 1500 point tournament. There are a good bunch of guys who play there and they range from the competitive to the casaual.

The army I played was the project of this thread here, although it will eventually move on to the next part of my collection.

The list I took is this:



Henchmen - 4xDCA, 2xCrusader, 3xAcolyte w/Meltabombs, Rhino

Henchmen - 10xAcolytes w/Stormbolter 1w/Meltabombs, Rhino

2xStrike Squad - Psycannon, Razorback w/TLHB, Psybolt

2xStrike Squad - Psycannon, Razorback w/TLAssC, Psybolt

2xDreadnought - 2xTLAC, Psybolt

I photo'd the armies of the participants. Here is Mine.

This one belongs to Adam. It is his recently constructed Necron Army. I'm sorry the custom Triach Stalkers are out of focus they are relaly nice.

This is Erik's Necron Army. From the 1950's Science Fiction necron Dynasty.

Here is Dirk's spider-tyranid does whatever a spider-tyranid can army.

Tim's guard.

Hmm... I thought I had photos of Zak and Kade's Armies, but sine I play them both you will see them well enough.

Dan was busy with his Presidential Strategy meeting and made it a little late, but here are some photos of his scratch built Talo(s?i?esess?), and box o'fun. I play him later too, so you'll see more.

GAME 1 started with me playing Kade, a competitive player who played a Shrike Inflitrating 10xTHSS Terminators. Sneaky, Fleet, THSS Terminators.

His list had:


10xTHSS Terminators

2xTac Squads in Upgraded Rhinos, Power Fist, ML, MG

2xScout Squads Sniper Rifles, ML

Techmarine with servo Harness, Thunderfail Cannon.

Landspeeder Typhoon.

The scenario was three objectives (I got to place one), secondary HQ must Survive, and Tertiary have troops in enemy deployment zone at the end of the game.

Kade wins the Infiltrate roll and places his Terminator-Nijas immediatley on my right flank, while his Rhinos make use of the three story tower of cover provides on my left flank as does his speeder. This ruin has been reinforced and 2 scout squads, the techmarine and his failgun all take cover on the top floor.

^Terminators & Shrike out of line of sight infiltrating close in.

My right flank spread out to see the Teminators whos large footprint made it pretty easy. 10 Squats,Psyflemen, Psyback, Passback, strike squad, and a rhino's storm bolter torrented down the Terminator squad to 5 Terms and Shrike. Coteaz and his henchmen shifted to the right flank. The Vindicare turbo-penetrated a rhino that he could see, and a psyfleman stunned Kade's other Rhino which ingnored it with extra armor. My last psyback shot the techmarine and wrecked the cannon of fail. Poor Kade had never fired one in a 40k game despite years of playing; I think this happens to everyone as it happened to me too.

^My first turn reaction to the Pirate Terminator Ninjas.

On Kade's first turn Shrike blasts out of the terminators to assault the Stunties and rid the galaxy of thier obsolete taint. This action gives the Terminators a multi-assault on the Passback and Squat Rhino.

^Shrike and eht Terminators setup their assaults.

Meanwhile on my left flank one Rhino went for the west objective, the pissed off techmarine scrambled down the building, and the tactical squad pulled themselves from the wreck of their rhino and advanced.

^My left flank.

The Terminators immobilize the Squat's Rhino and wreck the Passback, forcing out the Strike Squad. Shrike makes mince meat out of the Squats setting the universe right once again.

^Right Flank assaults.

With the immobilized Rhio blocking his advance Coteaz orders his squad out of the razorback, under the metal canpoy of the center objective. Seeing the blury outline of Shrike, Coteaz points and the Death Cultistits move like lightening. The Vinidicare lines up the fuel cell in the speeding rhino and puts a turbo penetrator into its core causing the Rhino to vioently explode, kiling a few Raven Guard. The vindicare spots the melta gun carrying marine int he wreckage and takes his skull off with a hellfire round.

Dodging the Dreadnought's stream of fire, the Typhoon couldn't avoid having it's missile launcher sheared from it's frame. On the left flank a passback and psyback crawl forward to the relative cover of a small Prefab Building firing into the raven guard marines. Shrike is hit with bolter fire and wounded by the Psyber Eagle and then is finished off by the cultisits.

Raven guard storm out of the crater that was once thier Rhino and avenge the loss of shrike by wrecking a passback. The snipers continue firing into the tanks, sniper rifles often being more sucessful than the missle launchers but still acomplishing little.

^Kade's Turn 2 Movement.

The Terminators, furious that Shrike is dead at coteaz's hand, charge his squad. Storm sheilds block the hammers that fall as most of the terminators are culled by the death cult. One terminator swings at Coteaz, missing, as Coteaz shows him how it's done like a boss.

^The Raven Guard Terminators are cut down by Coteaz and his squad.

The armies "rock" broken, Kade's army suffers a clean up turn or two. His Land speeder is Immobolized by the psyber eagle as Coteaz advances into enemy deployment zone and it is eventually destroyed by a psyflemean. One Raven Guard squads is shot and assaulted by a strike squad, eliminating them. The Techmarine is blown away in a torrent of fire. Yet despite all this punisment at the botom of the 5th turn, a Raven Guard squad Marine with a meltagun jumps into the air as his squad is being run down by a psyback, exploding it and then charges into the center objective, contesting it. A scout squad moves through cover and gets an amazing run roll to take the eastern objective.

Leave it to Kade to see his only change for a draw on the primary objective, but ultimatley the game continues and both squads are anhillated for thier daring to face the Emporer's Pet Marines.

Battle Result: All three objectives accomplished. Victory.

^ Turn 4

^Coteaz Claims the east objective and Advances into the enemy deployment zone.

^ Raven Guard run towards the center objective!

I took a few pics of the other games during the first round.

^Latecomer Dan using a Webway list brings the guard to it's knees! (They are Dark Eldar, they really put you on your knees and make you do unspeakable things!)

Battlebots! Hawt Cron on Cron Action here fellas! They are deciding who gets to play with the mortals this mellinium. I know that Necrons won this battle, just not which player. You can see Adam's excellent stalker conversions well here.

For some reason I didn't get a shot of Dirk's and Zak's Game. Sorry guys, but it was Tyranids vs Rust Knights (count as: chaos Grey Knights)

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PostSubject: Re: 2/25/12 1500 Point 40k Tournament   Sun Feb 26, 2012 5:36 pm

Game two was aganst Dan. Competitive and fun is what you want in a player and Dan's the man.

His list, and please forgive my total lack of dark eldar terminaology, had:

3 Haemoculi 1 with webway portal

Urien Rakarth

3xGrotesques (one was a squad leader) w/Raider

3xWraks 8-9 with the Haemnoculi Raider at least one had the drive by blades.

3 Talos with Liquifier guns and I dont know what else.

Mission: Dawn of War Primary Kill Points, Secondary Kill enemy HQ, Terertiary have two identical squads in your list. IKNOWRITE?

Dan knew what he brought was sub-optimal (lol) and had been up 48 hours, almost (lol again), constructing it, but his scratch build talos are frakking great starts, and his Grotesques/Urien have a very "Silent Hill" feel to them. The Robes are tits.

Dan won first turn, perfect for him as he could deploy his webway straight away with out my interference.

I deployed Coteaz in with a stirke squad in a passback behind a mountain. I couldn't seize and Dan drove out 3 Raiders. He fired all four darklances at my passback and deployed his webway. He blew the gun off the passback and imobilised it, but it still had it's serach light...


^Mysterious and Arcane Webway portal.

Coteaz scrambles into the area terrain overlooking the webway portal pointing to where the enimes will reveal themselves split seconds before the marines aim thier guns. The dreads down all but one of the Eldar transports and the tanks create a wall of smoke to obscure the coming dawn.

^My turn one movement.

Dan's turn two he picks up three dice for reserves to see what can come in. Well, what do you know, only 3 Talos. Yikes! Coteaz and the strike squad use the ability I knew you were coming! to launch a hail of bolter, psycannon, and bird attacks in to them monstrous creatures. The three are left with full, 2, and 1 wound respectivley. The bird alone attacked 12 times! That ability is over the top, but very fun to use.

^A hail of fire rips into the Monsters. Dan's Scratch built Talos in action. (inaction shotly thereafter.)

Victory is short lived and one fleeting bitch, aint she? Dan's shooting pahse sees coteaz and his crew shot 3 times with liquifier guns. Oh, the first one killed the squad; the second and the third were apparently just to humilliate Lord Inquisitor Coteaz of the Formosa Sector moments before he was made kibble. Pointlessly, Coteaz made his armor saves. In assault, no so much because he wasn't allowed any.

^Coteaz is slimed!

^As Coteaz is getting stuck between the teeth of Talosesess, the grotesques make a crater out of the banged up Passback.

Remember that fleeting bitch I mentioned? Well the three Talos advanced menacingly enough after thier Coteaz sandwich, but then something happened.

Firstly, the Vindicare knocked the barely wounded Talos straight off the platform from a turbo penetrator that practically imploded it. Secondly, the Talos with 1 wound was gunned down. Then all fire was turned upon the final beast. When the smoke cleared all three taloi lay dead.

Wtf, where did the monsters go? The Gk go into anti-melee-circle-the-wagons-rhino-wall-zeta-charlie manuver.

^Rhino Wall: Check. Gun lines of marines: Check. Fodder out front: Check. We're good to go here. ~ Transcribed from an Annonumous Justicar in the after action vox chatter by an Archive servitor.

^A raider with Drive-by blades lays on the speed, gets 3 hits, all get saved, then the transport fails its difficult terrain test and dies!

At this point my whole DCA+crusader+Acolyte squad gets Liquified and then next turn my Rhinos move to keep the Frakkin undeing Grotesques at bay. On the right flank the Wraks all get annhiliated by his Emporer's mightiest gleaming geneticly-enhanced Zealots.

^The Squats stubbornly keep up shooting at the Grotesques occasionly causing a wound or two, Urien would often heal them up.

^Another great shot of Dan's Grotesques.

^Shot from the right flank. At this point Dan is just being a good sport about playing.

^ The grotesques break through in the assault phase.

^And Urien goes after the Squats!

^Wana place bets?

^One... and then there were none.

Tabled turn six. I hate to do that to Dan, especially since he hates the GK and the DE/GK matchup. I don't mean hate in the nice way either.

Results: All three Victory points achieved. Victory!

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PostSubject: Re: 2/25/12 1500 Point 40k Tournament   Sun Feb 26, 2012 5:36 pm

This scenario was very difficult because it was not like a "real" 40k game, as fellow player and victim, err j/k the opponent of this third fight says if you don't use a primary victory condidtion from the rule book it had better be very well thought through.

Admirably our LGS manager just took over for the beleagured crew that manages tournaments. Thanks Cleon! We really appreciate it! Cleon isn't the most experience 40k player out of all of us and we will probably guid him on more tournament centric mission objectives.

My last game was against Zak. Zak is a very competitve player, and used to winning. In short he's another of my favorite opponents he thinks a step ahead of most players and is very challenging to play.

Priamry: 1 objective for each side, placed at the center at the lengthwise 20" apart. Secondary: Kill enemy HQ. Tertiary: Have at least one tank or monstorus creature alive at the end of the game.

So this primary is going to be based heavily on who gets the first turn.

Zak plays The Rust Knights. They are Nurgle counts-as grey knights, and with the state of the chaos book; I don't blame him.

His army was:



10xTerminator-10x Halberd, 2 psycannon, Justicar Hammer

10xInterceptors-2xPsycannon (may have been two squads of 5, not sure if they combat squadded or not.)

3xHenchmen-Razorback, psybolt

3xHenchmen-Razorback, psybolt


2xHenchmen-6xPsyker, 2xAcolyte, Chimera ML, HB

Zak got the first turn and deployed his terminators & coteaz along my right flank, right on the 12" mark. The objective was only T-4 with a 3++, it also had a 2" impassable barrier and couldn't be shot from more than 6".

^Zak's Deployment. Zak's Rhino hulls at the back are count as Chimeras. if you can look closely you will see the forward mounted Heavy bolter. The rear weaon is technically the firing port but he sees it as the psykers firing port & focus for their blasts.

^My deployment. Both Zak and I both admitted poor choices on our deployment, so if you see them, yeah they are there.

^Zak won the roll off on infiltrators and placed his in the back corner of my left deployment zone with the intention of drilling a psyflleman in the back with no cover. You can just barley make out his hazy outline. Just Kidding

^My Vindicare set with a crosshair on the false prophet of the enemy.

Zak's first turn saw his interceptors warpshunt to hold my forces at the bottleneck that kept me shy of his objective. His Terminators advanced from the 12" line and @ 18" in were in range of my objective and destroyed it easily. On the left flank rhe Dreadnought blossomed into a 20 meter, blue fireball as the souls of the innocent held captive in the amunnition of its guns violentlyescaped due the keen eye, unparralelled technology and art to a Vindincare's craft.

His psybacks, interceptors, psykers and chimeras laid it into the the Passback and the Squats Rhino on my left flank.The weight of fire into the two tanks didn't affect the psychicly strengthened pilots.

^The abominations destroy the Most Holy Objective!

Objective down it was cruicial that I make the scenario a draw. I was not confident in the forces I had to make that hapen on that side of the map, but because of a bottleneck I had to take along way around for my forces in the midfeild.

^Turning this type of setup (which btw is a risk because of immoboizes & wrecked) into...

^ This, is a crucial and often over looked area of 40k. Movement, movement, movement, it' where it all happenes.This was tricky because initial deploment of troops from the transport was blocked by the rhino as seen in the photo above. I unloaded the squats, moved thier rhino, deployed the strike squad, moved the passback, moved the strike and then move the squats to make this work out.

After some weapons fire from the Right flank Strike squad and the Squats the Interceptors lost half thier numbers, and were assaulted by the Strike squad. My passback's unrelenting psybolt autocannon fire tore an enemy Psyback forcing an immeterial explosion as the ammuntions exploded and the pilots souls were ripped from their bodies. Several Henachmen lost their lives in the blast as they had used it's advance to cover their own, the rest lay across the crater it excavated and began to rise.

Coteaz ordered countermeasures fired and drove on, head-long into the face of the traitor terminators. A rhino of the left flank took some shots at the enemy Vindicare. My Vindicare, tracking the path of the rhino, lined up on the false prophet and gambled with a hellshot round. His round found it's mark on the target and sucessfully wounded him in a most grevious manner. The twisted false prophet, heedless of his injury or danger pointed his terminators on to action and they fell back to the on rush of a command Rhino.

^Coteaz barrels on toward the enemy.

Unfortuantley at this point the game got very intense and I neglected to take any more photos.

On the left flank my Rhino was turbo penetrated by the Vindicare and died. The assault between 4 interceptors and 4 strike sqauders continued as the squats advanced laying it on the enemies who had been blasted by the exploding psyback. A psyfleman destroyed Zak' second psyback. With killshot blasting the cover around him, again the Vindicare targeted the winged beast that called itself the prophet, and sighed and let slide the trigger as he launched the relaible hellfire round already knowing it was a killshot long before it severed the spinal column of the Abomination. And so the Prophet fell, unable to make any succesful cover saves from the Vindi's shooting.

^Goodbye Abomination! My the emporer protect your unworthy soul!

My Razorbacks and rhinos advanced even as marines busted thier way through the ruins, making thier way as fast as they could.

The traitor terminators stepped forward and blasted the Marines that had just exited from the ruins into ceramite chunks and pulp, killing them with brutal efficencey to a man.

Shortly the Strike Squad finished off the interceptors in thier melee battle and moved in on the objective. The squats advanced to range it as well, and a strike squd exited thier razorback to destroy this enemy icon. IUnder their righteous fire it crumbled to dust.

Results: Primary Draw. Secondary Achieved, Tertiary Achieved. Draw, but enough.

All in all, I won best General and best painted. My hard work paid off and I had a fun time will good people. I was great playing again and and I love opponenet s who make it challenging.

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PostSubject: Re: 2/25/12 1500 Point 40k Tournament   Mon Feb 27, 2012 7:56 pm

Best General? Not surprised. Best Painted? YES!!! You deserve it! Congratz! Super cool Tourney Report! I have to read it all. My regards to the gang!

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Can't wait until someone invents a time machine so I can go to the specific day in the past that I volunteered for this, so I can kick my own ass.

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Since I ask "What do you think?" to all Staff, I have included it here to save time.

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PostSubject: Re: 2/25/12 1500 Point 40k Tournament   Tue Feb 28, 2012 12:38 am

Yeah I brought a fun/fluff list to a for fun tourney thinking everyone will take it easy since we arent playing for cash.... I was wrong.

Just some clarification on my list
Urien Rakarth
3 Haemoculi all with liquifier guns and venom blades 1 with a webway portal
4xGrotesques with liquifier gun and a squad leader
3x 7 wracks a liquifier gun and squad leader in each squad
4 raiders with chain snares and flicker fields
3 Taloi with twin linked liquifier guns and twin linked haywire blasters.

It was a themed fluff list and has almost no ranged anti tank firepower. But it was so gratifying to blast Coteaz with 7 liquifier guns and then smashing him into the deckplate. Moral victory to the Dark Eldar!
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PostSubject: Re: 2/25/12 1500 Point 40k Tournament   Tue Feb 28, 2012 10:28 am

Coteaz certainly suffered the most humiliating death a Lord Inquisitor has evern been subjected too in the history of the imperium. I think even the emporer uttered a chuckle in between devouring the souls of the innocent psykers scrificed to his eternal light.

Sorry about the beatstick list dan, at least I wasn't alone in that. I blame the end of football season, I needed some blood! Rawr.

Next one at 2d10 will be a different kind of GK list, one i haven't seen on the net or heard about. Which probably means it sucks.
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PostSubject: Re: 2/25/12 1500 Point 40k Tournament   Tue Feb 28, 2012 11:07 am

@ DanFitz: HAHAHA!!! DAN!!! Even when you are Orkified... I KNOW IS YOU!!!! Welcome to the forums. Good to see you around. We would LOVE to see some of your stuff. Feel free to stop by the Welcome Mat!

@ jd3: No... you are not sorry! Hehehehe Just Kidding

The Mordheimer - Death Squads' Chief Editor & Ninja Designer. Bursting with ARACHAS' Dev-Powahâ„¢! Puke
Can't wait until someone invents a time machine so I can go to the specific day in the past that I volunteered for this, so I can kick my own ass.

Support Bacteria; it is the ONLY culture some people have!
Since I ask "What do you think?" to all Staff, I have included it here to save time.

DoZer Flamethrower Mordheimer Justice NEEDS to be Served! Maybe 3rd Degree burns will teach you not to Tom Sawyer me to work!

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PostSubject: Re: 2/25/12 1500 Point 40k Tournament   Tue Feb 28, 2012 11:42 am

Dang it jd3, you gotta knock this off. Now I want to play 40k again and I DO NOT have time!!

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PostSubject: Re: 2/25/12 1500 Point 40k Tournament   

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2/25/12 1500 Point 40k Tournament
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