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 Looking for Nurgleyness [US only please]

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PostSubject: Looking for Nurgleyness [US only please]   Tue Mar 20, 2012 2:47 pm

Hey there, I am looking for:
Finecast/Forgeworld nurgle kits and parts, Cadians, WHFB Zombies, Nurglings, and a Beast of Nurgle

I have a ton of SM/CSM bits as well as SMs AND:

Let me know if you have anything I am looking for and maybe we can make a deal!
PS (Thinking of Kroot as a second warband already in case you want to clear some out quickly/cheaply)

Not really looking to buy but mainly to trade at this point. I appreciate any interest.
Have a good one!
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Looking for Nurgleyness [US only please]
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