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 Skavenslayers Renegades

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PostSubject: Skavenslayers Renegades   Fri Apr 06, 2012 8:42 am

Here im sitting at work, on a holyday, doubel pay and nothing to do, so made a starting Renegade squad. (also made a Cultist, might post that aswell)

Commander [65]
Sword [free]
Bolt Pistol [free]
Combat Knife [free]
Total: [65]

Enforcer [42]
Sword [17]
Slugger [21]
Combat Knife [free]
Total: [80]

Preacher [44]
Autogun [21]
Club [4]
Combat Knife [free]
Total: [69] Autogun + Club bought with 25 extra credits

Renegadt Sergant [39] I just started playing League og Legends, and love Twitch, so this guy is based on him, gonna made a model for him to ( )
Bulding Eyes [20]
Cloud of Flies [30]
Autogun [21]
Combat Knife [free]
Total: [110]

Renegade Sergant [39]
Unnatural Enhancement [80]
Mutant Hide [30]
Sword [17]
Combat Knife [free]
Total: [166]

HWS [33]
Flamer [27]
Combat Knife [free]
Total: [60]

Militiamen x 3 [69]
Club x 3 [12]
Combat Knife x 3 [free]
Total: [81]

Militiamen x 2 [46]
Autogun x 2 [42]
Combat Knife x 3 [free]
Total: [88]

Workers x 4 [56]
Total: [56]

-Total Member: 15
-Total cost: 750 + 25

Originaly the Enforcer han a Autopistol and no Cloud of Flies to Sergant meant another Militiaman armed with a autopistol, but Cloud of Flies is just to fluffy for Sergant Twitch.
I would have liked armor for Commander, Enforcer and CC Sergant, but 4 meatshields (workers) will have to do first few games.

Things to buy for officers:
Commander: Power Sword, Carapace + Helmet (head guard)
Enforcer: Chain Sword, Hellpistol and Flak + Helmet (head guard)
Preacher: Shotgun + Banner
Renegade Sergant (Twitch): Shotgun, Melee Weapon, Flak + Helmet (head guard)
Renegade Sergant: Chain Sword, Shield, Flak + Helmet (head guard)

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Skavenslayers Renegades
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