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 A Prisoner's Tale: Mad Oz and the Trash-Kan

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PostSubject: A Prisoner's Tale: Mad Oz and the Trash-Kan   Thu May 24, 2012 2:56 am

Here is the story of a little green being becoming one with the big metal contraption. It's a story of a Prisoner that traveled from me in Czech Republic to Skeller in Richmond, VA in US. I hope Skelle will add something to it soon Wink

The story of Mad Oz

Since the early death of Three-Eye, Mad Oz was really excited. Three-Eye was his greatest hero and he always wanted to be like him. And after Three-Eye died from laser poisoning, this dream became much closer to reality. And it was coming closer still since then.

Mad Oz was jumping beside Mek Sg’Rap so he could match the long strides of the bigger greenskin, making their way through the camp towards Mek's garage. The big building made of rusty sheets of tin and copper wires and metal nets was hiding many remarkable contraptions –at least in the eyes of Mad Oz. And inside was also Oz’s dream – the big metal walking machine that roared mightier than Jog the Howler.

The great door opened with creaks and grating and the he saw it. He saw it before, to tell the truth, but this time it was different. It was whole new feeling. Excitement ran through his body, eyes were glowing, fingers were trembling in anticipation. Crash the Navigator, one of Mek Sg’Raps aid Grots, was just finishing removing the remains of old Three-Eye from the cabin of the red painted cylinder on legs that reminded Mad Oz of battle chickens Doc Sharp was breeding in his Docs Office. He also noticed Shaky, da Masta of da Dril, making some improvements to the contraption that was soon to become his new self. Excitement grew with every step he took towards it. So many thoughts were coming through his mind he thought it might explode. Red Hand joined them as Mad Oz and Mek were walking through the garage and whispered few words of congratulations to his friend. But Oz was hardly listening. He was enjoying the look upon the burna and buzz-claw, two weapons soon to become his hands.

And then he finally stood just in front of it. His new home. His new body. Mek did not have the sense for amazing moments and so took his ear and threw him on the top of the Kan. Then he commanded Oz to open the hatch and get in. Oz obeyed without hesitation, coming closer and closer to fulfilling his dream. He jumped inside the powerful Kan and almost immediately grabbed the controls. The armed arms moved on his command. He felt invincible. He peeked out through the visor. Mek was standing just in front of him, looking so small now, so fragile, so weak. Oz thought he could smash him so easily. But he wouldn’t. He admired the genius Sg’Rap was. It was him who created this amazing weapon. Few more seconds Oz was thinking of his new power and strength. Then he felt a strange pain just over his ears. The pain was growing stronger and stronger and he started to scream.

But he did not hear his voice. He heard the roar of the Trash-Kan…

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PostSubject: Re: A Prisoner's Tale: Mad Oz and the Trash-Kan   Thu May 24, 2012 6:23 am

Bravo!!! cheers Excellent work... great sense of 'WHAT HAVE I DONE!?!?!' hehehehe.. gotta love Gretchins! Just Kidding

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A Prisoner's Tale: Mad Oz and the Trash-Kan
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