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 Star Fleet: A Call To Arms

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Lord GreyWolf


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PostSubject: Star Fleet: A Call To Arms   Sat May 26, 2012 1:42 am

Its had issues from day one with delays after delays, was supposed to be out xmas 2011 and has now finally been launched with only half of what they had promised. [a few more races not yet out...]

now after sifting through the many threads, comments, soap box speeches, OMFG, WTF, Are you craxy rants it seems alot of gamers are not happy that Mongoose games has its hands in this enterprise [sorry for the pun couldn't help myself]

I am really keen to get this game as I am building up a supply of games for variety sake.... but nervous due to the for a mentioned company

anyone looked at this know what its like? The minis look dam sweet and its for that reason why I am keen to get it and also the discount I can get that is so enticing...

NOTE: This product is being done as a joint venture with Amarillo Design Bureau, inc., under the strict terms of their contract with Paramount Pictures Corporation. [So that gives me some kind of reassurance its going to be supported and keep the other party honest.]

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Da Bank


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PostSubject: Re: Star Fleet: A Call To Arms   Sun May 27, 2012 10:10 am

Like Gothic fleet but Star Trek based theme. Look intersting.
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Star Fleet: A Call To Arms
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