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 Penny 4 NASA

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PostSubject: Penny 4 NASA   Mon Jun 04, 2012 8:40 am

Watch this... take 5 minutes and watch it.

Digested the info? Think about it...
  1. Only 4/10th of every Tax Dollar is the budget for NASA... think about it.... $0.004.
  2. The Bank Bailout was GREATER than the whole budget NASA had... for all its 50 years of existence!

If YOUR personal taxes (yes, the one you pay to the IRS) increases 0.004%... would you notice? Would you even care? If you received $1.00 less of your weekly paycheck... would you go through ANY hardship? What if I tell you it could be more like $0.50? Now... what if you could hold to your CHILD and witness our return to the Moon? For those of us with young families... think about it!

High School drop outs... make sense. Nothing to look forward to. Go land in the Moon, and all those kid's minds are blown... BOOM! New goals and dreams... new ventures... new world. The personal race to become better and achieve a place in space would drive the world's economy forward. Look at Space X... commercial cargo to the International Space Station. What would be next? Space Tours to the ISS? Why not? For $1 million you could get 3 months Space Training, a ride to ISS & even a Space-Walk. How many people will go? Initially... those who have the cash. But all those kids will work REALLY hard to earn their way up there. EARN.

I was thinking... Imagine if they make a lottery among all High School graduates. GRADUATES. If you achieve 3.75 (out of 4.00) and graduate with honors, you could win the chance to go to ISS. Imagine... your summer vacation, before college. They announce that the first raffle would be in 5 years. What do you think the kids in school would do? STUDY HARD. Eye on the prize... good grades, college ambitions, study ethics... no matter what, a better world. Pick one graduate from the US, one from the EU, one from Latin America, one from Asia. This little project would cost $4 million and produce BILLIONS of greater human beings.

Now... would you be willing to have NASA's budget worked out? Make your voice heard.

Take another minute and visit
Make a difference.

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PostSubject: Re: Penny 4 NASA   Mon Jun 04, 2012 4:26 pm

Scoot over Nasa, your time is, unfortunately, over. Nasa won't get its budget back because most governments don't seem to do any planning beyond the next election cycle anymore.

Luckily there is still hope, mostly in the form of private companies willing to take the plunge.

Most have heard about SpaceX and their recent successful launch (with the help of Nasa) of a supply module to the ISS, and their goal is set higher; manned travel to moon and Perhaps Mars. And they are not the only ones set to commercialize space.

Just about everyone knows the name James Cameron director of Titanic and Avatar (or better yet, Terminator 2 and Aliens). Haven't heard of him? I bet you've heard of Google... Well, they are backing something quite awesome, and no it isn't a movie about searching stuff, it is this: Asteroid mining!

It isn't really short term, but not that long either, from the article linked in the precious sentence, asteroid mining could be up and running in 2025. Apart from mining precious metals, they will also be mining water. "Water?" you ask "Don't we have enough of that here already?". Well yes, we have plenty of water here, but not on the moon. Why would we need water on the moon? Well, the Russian cosmonauts need a drink on their moonbase! (Ok skeptical about the Russians actually building a moonbase....the Chinese will probably beat them to it Just Kidding).

As you can see I am quite enthusiastic about this stuff and I have often wondered if I was not born a century to soon. I am quite optimistic though about seeing some of this cool stuff happen during my lifetime.

For more Nerd articles check out io9 which is probably my favorite blog out there. It has crazy science articles like the three linked above, but also movie and tv-show stuff, articles about writing fantasy/science fiction and other nerdy stuff.
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Penny 4 NASA
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