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 Welcome to the Artist's Honor Hall

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PostSubject: Welcome to the Artist's Honor Hall   Sun Jun 10, 2012 12:59 pm

I would like to welcome all our members to the gallery section of the forum. Here we will be posting artwork by artists who have donated the use of their work and in some cases made new work for us to use in the rulebooks we produce.

on 6/13/2010 my first conversation began with mord about improving the art for TLRB it's self, which was all one book at the time. That small conversation ended up costing me HOURS and hours of time searching thru deviantart and similar sites for art I felt matched to feel we want for TLRB. I then contacted these artists and some said yes, most didn't reply at all, a surprising few refused. Since then I have continued to gather the permission of these artists and with 0.7.0 we will all see how this crusade has paid off. But this section isn't about my hard work. It's about those who gave up what is most dear to them their artwork and time.

If you are a artist and would like to donate your work for our use I urge you to please contact me on this forum via PM. You can also contact me thru deviant art by sending me a note (link)

There will be a lot of posts in this section for a while we currently when this was written have 38 artists. So I have to play catchup to get them all posted.

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Welcome to the Artist's Honor Hall
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