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 A Prisoner's Tale - Darkshade

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PostSubject: A Prisoner's Tale - Darkshade   Mon Jun 18, 2012 6:20 am

Ok I know I am way late for this but here it is any way.

In the Dark reaches of known space a name is whispered, no one dares speak it aloud. Fear grips those who hear it being uttered. It is not known whom the bearer of this name is, all they know is it has been around for centuries, and where ever it travels death is but a step behind.

On Primus Elco it is called The Shade, on Vartus IV they have named it The Herald of Death, On Tartax they have known it as The Voidwalker, To the man of the Emperium he is Darkshade.

An assassin for hire who plies his trade through out the known universe. He has never failed, never missed a target. He moves through worlds, empires, and armies with ease. Utilizing technology from any race he encounters he has drawn the wrath of the Inquistion on many occasions, been hunted by Space Marines, sort after by Tau Death Squads, and tracked by Chaos warbands.

Armed with the “Shredder”, a high powered assault gun. It can lay down a withering fire of bullets that will shred his enemies, to fireing large calibur rounds that can punch a hole in the side of a Landraider. The Shredder has the ability to use special rounds depending on what task he requires.

The Voidblade was made by a dead race so long in the past it dates well before the forming of man's Empire. The blade can cleave a man in half, slice through metal like its made out of paper. Creatures born from the darkness of the warp, reaking of psychic energies, or endowed with dark blessing will wither when touched by Darkshade's blade.

“Lardo have you sent out the troops to quell the food riots in the slop sector?” the Protector a man of immense beauty but with out being feminine turned to face a pampered young man, who's blonde hair was severly gressed back, black eye liner adorned his eyes, pink rouge dusted his checks, made more stark by the porcelian colour of his smooth skin.
“yes my master it has been done” he bowed low, perfumes assaulted the Protectors sensors.
“go amuse yourself Lardo, a job well done” Gardos waved to the many semi-nude girls and boys that lined the walls. Many wore a simple loin clothe flesh was in abundence. Gaps amongst them spoke of others that had already been lead away to the quieter corners of the main palace chamber where Gardos did his buiness and his pleasures.

Taking a drink from a heavily made up girl who's bare body glissened in the heat beating down on them from the many candles that hung from the ceiling. He slowly sipped his drink, contemplating the mass of cavorting bodies each one adding their own pleasures to the great chaos God Slaanesh.

A hacking cough made Gardos turn around his beatuiful face twisted into a bitter sneer at the heavily cloaked man that stood behind his left shoulder.

“Ah my Lord Rankworm. Please my dear man why do you hide over there, why not come in and enjoy yourself in the many delights that surround us. My master has provided me with many ammussements. I have rooms set aside for many of my pleasures mayhap one could even tempt a rotten soul like yourself?"

“Protector Gardos, I do not need to wallow in earthly desires of the flesh I servie my master in a different way.” Gardos took a cloth from his robe, dabbing at his nose for even having Rankworm standing against the wall some twenty paces away he still could smell his rank odour.
“No I can see that. Could you please tell me why one of Nurgle's deciples would come to a shrine of Slaanesh to warn the high priest of a possbile assassination attempt on his life?.”
“It was deemed important by my master to warn one who serves the Chaos powers, the fact you are are of Slaanesh does matter we all serve the power of chaos and our goals are they not the same?" Gardos interrupted the Nurgle Lord.
"yes I know what you were going to say. We all strive for the destruction of the Emperor of Mankind. The rest of the universe will bow down to the might of chaos when the time is right." Gardos's voice shock with zeal.
"Solemn words Gardos, but it does not change the fact, that for now your life is important to my master. For what ever reason he sees your death will become a hindrance to the greater glory of not only Nurgle but other three chaos powers as well. If you do not heed my words then it will be your head on the platter not mine. I have done my appointed task I have warned you what ever happens now is up to you.” bowing to Gardos “with your leave my lord” Gardos waved Rankworm away, his attention was grasped by a young boy and girl who had just entered the hall.

Rankworm glided out of the hall two warriors of Nurgle steeped in behind him, their olive green and bone white armour glissened in the late afternoon sun that shone through large windows. Their boots shook the floor as they marched down the corridor behind their master, as the travelled down the corridor baleful stares followed from pink and blue armoured warriors of Slaanesh. Once out of sight of the Slaanesh warriors, Rankworm dropped his robes to reveal a pointed helm, made from the bone of a large animal, it shone with an unearthly power. His chest was encased in a rank smelling olive green armour much like his bodyguards that dripped with a foul smelling slime. His torso sat on a large slug like body, he slithered rather then glided across the marble floor and out into the Pallace garden.

Rankworm moved through the Palace gardens, lush plants spread over the lawn, the colours assaulted his eyes if not for his enhanced optical implants and his helm his eyes would have started to bleed such was the riot of colours. His journey was halted by a fast flowing river, until he spied a small bridge. "Radus, Dreno scout ahead" his men crossed and spread out, both stood in defensive stance watching for any threats. Rankworm slithered forward, he paused about to cross the bridge, some thing wasn't quite right, he sent out psychic energies to try and find what was out of place. His concentration was shattered as a tracer round tore through Radus's chest cart wheeling him backwards, Dreno suffered the same fate his body lurched into the river sprawling face down. Rankworm was stunned at the speed his men were executed. He saw Radus lying face down on the left side of the bridge, Dreno to the right.

He had been caught unaware by the sudden attack but he did not need to wait long as gun drone glided out from behind a rocky out crop. The drone stopped at the base of the hill its twin guns still smoking from firing at his men. Its head swiveled from left to right searching for threats, when none where found a beacon flashed on its back. Mismerized by the contraption, Rankworm almost missed the shimmering appearance of a hulking figure that now stood on top of the outcrop of rocks.

The setting sun shone on metalic skin, two large arms made of flesh gripped weapons of death. Its head shaped from a skull grinned at the Nurgle Lord, it did not move, it merely contemplated what stood before him. A Nurgle Lord on a Slaanesh held planet facing an Imperial Assassin and his Gun drone.....

Lord Rankworm, had not even thought about it, but his bolter had shifted from his holster and now was frimly grasped in his left hand, the chainsaw that had been attached to his right shoulder churned into life. The assassin answered inkind, his blade danced with blue ethereal energies that coursed up and down its length , the huge assault gun whirled into life, as it loaded an ammo drum.

The drone waited its helm that of a Tau warriror recorded the scene panning from the Assassin and back to the Nurgle Lord.

"I see now there is no threat on the Protector Gordas life, it was merely a ruse to get me to come out of hiding" The assassin merely dipped his head forward in an affirmative gesture.
“So Darkshade it has come to this. You've come to kill me?” Rankworms voice hung in the hot air, dry and raspy.
“You knew it would happened did you not brother.” No emotion, bore these words into life, only a metallic emptiness followed.
“Ah how long has it taken you to come to terms with that... you almost had me on Glasgow II, it was very close. Do you know what they call you on Glasgow II, it is truly pathetic but to them you are a saviour and thus have named you the Black Knight. For you ended my great plans for that mud ball and set me back 50 years, not to mention my men who were slaughtered by the filth that called Glasgow II home." Red orbs smouldered behind his helm the only sign of his anger.
“what I am called does not bother me Rankworm, what I seek I find, What I find I destory. Your time has run out your life has run out, this family reunion is over its time to die....”


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A Prisoner's Tale - Darkshade
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