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 Industrial bases

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PostSubject: Industrial bases   Fri Nov 09, 2012 3:02 am

In this tutorial I will show you how I built some simple and effective industrial bases for a Necromunda gang I am currently assembling. These bases were made primarily out of plasticard with some greenstuff used for the toxic water. The bases were then painted using a brush and airbrush. This tutorial will show you how to quickly make these bases.

-bases (25mm round bases used in this tutorial)
-plasticard of various thicknesses
-greenstuff (optional)
-1/16" hole punch (optional)
-utility knife
-decals (optional)
-plastic glue (for proper sheet styrene)
-super glue (for plasticard from for sale signs)
-Citadel sprue clipping tool

These are the materials I used. You can substitute in parts for most of the different parts used. I used a mix of Evergreen styrene (thicker plasticard, tubes, pipes, etc) and cheap plasticard from for sale signs ($1 each at a dollar store). You can get a 1/16" hole punch from hobby stores like Michaels (in Canada and the US). Otherwise, you can use greenstuff or beads or plastic rod to create rivets.

Step 1
Cut out plasticard shapes to cover part or all of your base. I tried to create interesting shapes using right angles. Plan out approximately what you think each base might look like. Use multiple layers to create depth and interest. Add pipes and pipes cut in half. Use super glue for gluing for sale sign plastic. Plastic glue will work for high quality plasticard.

Step 2
Trim the plasticard. I used the citadel clipping tool or a pair of craft wire clippers to clip the plasticard off around the outside of the base. Try to get it close to flush with the base. Be careful to cut only a small section at a time. Next, use your utility knife to trim the edges of the plastic further. You want to get it as smooth as possible using the knife. Be careful not to cut yourself! Finally, use a file to file the plasticard smooth (I tried using sandpaper but it roughed up the edge of the base too much).

Step 3
Add details to your base. I used the 1/16" hole punch to punch out rivets from some plasticard and then glued them on using super glue. I cut some chips out of the plasticard and scored the plasticard in some places.

Step 4
Add greenstuff water and details. I used greenstuff to create some small water sections on the bases. I also used it to create a band over the pipe in one section.

Step 5
Prime your bases as normal and paint them as you like. I experimented with using my airbrush for a lot of the painting. I used the airbrush to paint the grey, yellow, and green water and to add the dirt and shading on the bases. I added a few decals from the Cadian box set. To airbrush the water I based it in Vallejo Model Air Olive Drab and highlighted up to a mix of Citadel (old) Camo Green and white. The decking was painted with Vallejo grey primer, USA grey, and light grey. The dirt weathering was added with Vallejo Model Air Dark Earth. I washed the metal with Gryphon Sepia. I did chips with a dark brown with some dots of metal in the middle.

After this is all finished I will mount the models by drilling small holes and pinning the models in place. I will then matte varnish the bases and paint gloss varnish over the water areas.

Thanks for visiting. Please post any questions you have and I will be happy to answer them. What do you think of the areas where the water extends onto the lip of the base? I would love to hear some opinions on it. I am planning to keep it as it looks different and interesting but I am curious to hear what others think of it. Thanks.
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PostSubject: Re: Industrial bases   Fri Nov 09, 2012 3:12 am

Amazing job and so simple - thanks for sharing! Great use of decals - I would never have thought to use them on a base like that. It's a shame I've started basing my current squads already.

I'll remember this for hte next one!

Cheers Laney:D

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PostSubject: Re: Industrial bases   Sat Nov 17, 2012 7:41 am

Genius! Consider the idea "borrowed" for my next modelling project. Thanks for the tutorial!
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PostSubject: Re: Industrial bases   Sat Nov 17, 2012 11:46 am

This plasticard you speak of... where do I acquire it?

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PostSubject: Re: Industrial bases   Sat Nov 17, 2012 12:56 pm

I used plastic for sale signs and styrene from a train model store.
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PostSubject: Re: Industrial bases   Mon Nov 19, 2012 9:04 am

This is awesome shit! Shocked
Thanks for sharing! I'm very tempted to try this on my Cultists Squad! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Industrial bases   

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Industrial bases
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