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 WTS Epic Ork Army

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Lord GreyWolf

Lord GreyWolf

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PostSubject: WTS Epic Ork Army    Mon Nov 12, 2012 11:25 pm

I am clearing out my range of minis as I have far to many projects currently on my table..

It is most unlikely I'll get to play any FWC so I will be trying to sell my large Ork army.

this is a rough list of what is up for grabs:

3x scratch built Fighters
2x Scratch built Fighter Bombers
2x Bombers [Dystopian air balloons]
2x Big LAndas [Dystopian air balloons]
1x Mega Gargant
1x Gargant
3x Stompas
4x Flakk wagons
6x Battle wagons [with converted turrets]
9x Ork tanks
3x Ork tanks missing turrets
3x Converted Squiggoths [1 per stand]
5x traktor cannons [1 per stand]
5x big gunz [converted] 1 per stand no crew
10x Gretchin stands 5 per stnad]
10x Nobz stands [3 per stand]
12x Ork Stands [4 per stnad]
6x Kommandoz stands 3 per stand]
3x Squig cannons [1 per stnad]
8x Boar riders [1 per stand]
8x bike [1 per stand]
3x storm boyz stands [3 per stand on flying bases]

these are what I have currently based still have HQ, Commanders, and more of the basic types still to be glued to their bases.

Let me know if your keen will try and post pics if there is some interest. Postage to the U.K and the U.S is not to much [seems NZpost is alot cheaper then their counter parts else where]

I am after $$ or trade either in Credit with a online gaming shop that sells 15mm WWII minis or $$ so I can buy 15mm WWII stuff.
Looking for $175USD with $25USD postage. so $200 ALL up OR NEAR OFFER... I can be tempted to do a quick deal if the offer is decent and quick..

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WTS Epic Ork Army
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