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 Kickstarter: Rivet Wars [By CoolMiniorNot!]

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PostSubject: Kickstarter: Rivet Wars [By CoolMiniorNot!]   Sat Jan 05, 2013 1:12 am


Set in a world that has been locked in a bitter war using WWI styled equipment with a updated tech level.
Each force has alot to offer with more coming.

The Box Contains the Following:

12 Infantry
2 Cavalry
1 Tank
1 Vehicle
2 Heroes
1 Plug Turret

12 Infantry
2 Cavalry
1 Tank
1 Vehicle
2 Heroes
1 Plug Turret

Also included:
8 plain dice,
12 double sided tiles,
24 action cards,
11 mission cards,
2 Quick reference cards
and 30 tokens

the two main pledge leves are:


but to get all of the pledge level goodies you'll need to pledge Blitzkrieg and higher.

ACHIEVED!! 25k The core game is actually made
ACHIEVED!! 50k The card board bunkers are made into plastic (6)
ACHIEVED!! 75k The captured card baord points upgrade to plastic (6)
100k added extras to the core box 2x Cavalry, 1x Vehicle from Allied & Blight forces.
125k added 1 extra tank for Allies and Blight [Blitzkrieg ONLY]

More goals to come

With 30 days to go this could end up getting very big very quickly.

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Kickstarter: Rivet Wars [By CoolMiniorNot!]
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