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 Warzone Resurrection Kickstarter - Sci-fi Skirmish Game (PlasticResin)

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PostSubject: Warzone Resurrection Kickstarter - Sci-fi Skirmish Game (PlasticResin)   Sun Feb 17, 2013 2:48 pm

New Kickstarter: Warzone Resurrection is up!
Anyone who knows the old warzone/mutant chronicles games from back in the day (including Siege of the Citadel), will likely be hit by a wave of nostalgia. The game suffered from poor quality sculpts of ace concept art in the past, but the guys at Prodos seem to be not only sculpting great miniatures, but listening really closely to feedback.
The kickstarter isn't a massive bargain at this point, but I think it will grow nicely as stratch goals are reached. They are currently doing cybertronic, brotherhood and dark legion, with bauhaus corporation as the first stretch, followed by capitol. I'm a little sad Imperial hasn't got a look in so far though!

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Warzone Resurrection Kickstarter - Sci-fi Skirmish Game (PlasticResin)
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