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 Commissar 40K Novel by Andy Hoare

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PostSubject: Commissar 40K Novel by Andy Hoare   Tue Mar 05, 2013 9:23 am

Just purchased the E-Book on Black Library.

Wow!, I have only read a few chapters and this brings me back to why we started Death Squads. What peaked my interest in a 40k skirmish game many years ago was reading Caiphas Cain, Gaunt's Ghosts, Col Schaeffer and his Penal Squad and other 40K Guardsmen books. This is what started it all and getting with Mordheimer on playing the first playtest between guardsmen and Nids on Space Hulk Tiles. This concept with Mord and then Dozer and more is what DS was based on. Skirmish Gaming in a 40K Universe.

Anyway, reading this book has brought back what my motivation was back then. Small Skirmish warefare in large battles and etc. This is always a place for skirmish gaming in 40k as not everything large battles and when there are large battles there will alway be skirmish battles going on.

On to the book, wow! It is excellent.

The book is centered on a Commissar (go figure) who is a veteran and has been placed in a company of Volstroyns. This is a rookie army and is why Commissar Flint was assigned. They are going to an Imperium World that houses a large Penal Colony. The criminals have taken over most of the prison and are there two "gangs" fighting for control. Any inmates not joining either side are considered enemies and are killed, tortured and etc.

There are political battles as the Volstroyns (spelling) are bound by duty but by bloodlines and this makes for a very tricky situation. The prison is also ran by a Volstoryn and is related to the two regimental commanders (CO and XO).
Commissar Flint comes in contact with about a dozen prisioners who do not want to be part of either side of the prisoner gang warfare and work with the Commissar and a few other regular guardsmen to go in on a secret mission to kill the head of the uprising. The head of the uprsing is a Colonel from a Volystron army.
Check out the book, it is a good read and may help some create some gaming scenarios or see why the guardsmen may be battling fellow guardsmen, penal inmates and etc.
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Commissar 40K Novel by Andy Hoare
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