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 Road/Kill Ultimate Car Combat - Kickstarter

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Lord GreyWolf

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PostSubject: Road/Kill Ultimate Car Combat - Kickstarter   Wed Sep 11, 2013 8:44 pm

Car combat game from a Canadian Game Designer.

not sure on this just thought I'd show you something different.. I never got a round to playing Car Wars and Dark Future games I was more into playing WHFB and WH40k...

The game looks good not sure on the pricing seems expensive... currently pledge in for reward #2 [PDF copy of the rules] 

One comment I did see what the Dropzone Commander terrain could work with this scale:

Now that would be a blast playing a car battle on something like that set up.... will update as more info comes to light.  the Vehicles are fully customizable and offer different versions. Each Faction has one type that is theirs and you can upgrade your vehicles with certain drivers. There are more expansions planned I believe 4. 

We have to wait until they get to $79kCAD before the Box set pledge gets unlocked [Which is reward #6 and is $130CAD which gives you tiles, dice and rules for the game.] Time will tell if this is possible.

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Lord GreyWolf

Posts : 2218
Join date : 2010-02-19
Age : 41
Location : Te Aroha, New Zealand

PostSubject: Re: Road/Kill Ultimate Car Combat - Kickstarter   Wed Sep 25, 2013 5:54 pm


Well I thought I better update this project.

Firstly I have CANCELLED my pledge. This has gone from good to bad to plain bizarre.

At first glance I was happy for this game and saw a market for it. But I found out in more detail what they offered in their first attempt on kickstarter [which was in May to June 2013] and in that one they actually offered the Complete Boxed game... that has been the burning point for me that there was no COMPLETE boxed game on offer. It will be available when they get to $79,000CAD.

They are currently at:
184 backers
$18,617 pledged of $39,000 goal
13 days to go

They will fund the game at $39k but all of the main stuff that you are recommend to use to get the best experience out of the system. 

Myself and a few others backers have been asking quite a few questions that we all thought had bearing on the project.. well to cut a long story short comments were said, backers started name calling and even the creator told one backer to leave and not come back...

I wish this game could be made but I doubt it will fund as they are loosing backers and money each day. An as a few backers have "over pledged" for pledge levels that have not been unlocked there is still a lot of money that could be lost as they readjust there pledge amount if it does not Reach $79k CAD. 

Finally the nail in the coffin for me the Rules they claim it was all ready to but it seems it is not. 
the rules that you get at the $100CAD pledge level is merely a turn sequence [one of the backers found them on the first kickstarter.] a question was raised regarding this and was duly ignored. 

ok my vent is over... my only conclusion on thiss game is he should have released a boxed set with car tokens/counters and used minis as Stretch goals at least the game would have been on the market and the backers could add in the cars/trucks as they liked. And if he had done the scale at 15mm I think there would have been more buy in from a bigger range of backers. 

I hope it funds but its looking less and less likely....

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Road/Kill Ultimate Car Combat - Kickstarter
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