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 Kickstarter - Chibi Asian Adventurers Miniatures w/ Ninjas & More

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Lord GreyWolf


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PostSubject: Kickstarter - Chibi Asian Adventurers Miniatures w/ Ninjas & More   Thu Oct 03, 2013 1:00 am

Impact Miniatures 2nd Chibi Kickstarter this time its an Asian theme... with plenty of Ninjas.

Type 1's are the same size as the Dungeon Adventure range [30mm] they did earlier but with LESS fiddly parts. The Type II's are smaller 50mm instead of 60mm. 

Now with this kickstarter it is different then the Dungeon Adventures in that you get a certain amount of "picks"

Type 1 = 1 pick
Type 2 = 2 picks

So if you pledge at the Samurai Level [$100USD] with 21 picks then you can pick and choose from the many different types until you use up your 21 picks. But wait there is more when the project gets to $40,000USD you get more added to your pick list.. 

so as you see the higher the pledge amount the more minis you get. 
There are also a further 5 more minis that will be unlocked over the project. 

So if you haven't checked it out please do Tom, Kim, Chris and the rest of the Impact Miniature family are great...and yes I am an IMPACT fanboy...

Lord GreyWolf
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Kickstarter - Chibi Asian Adventurers Miniatures w/ Ninjas & More
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