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 Just got Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures game for Xmas

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PostSubject: Just got Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures game for Xmas   Sun Dec 29, 2013 12:45 pm

Hey guys my amazing wonderful wife just picked this up for me for xmas and gave me enough extra cash to get 3 more ships.

Ended up with
2 X wings
1 A wing
2 Tie Fighters
1 Tie Interceptor

I really wanted a tie advanced also but my FLGS was out so i ordered it with a few other things should be here soon.

Can't wait to get a few games in with a could of my friends on New years eve.

Pics and a battle report maybe coming soon.

btw if you own this and are planning on expanding highly reccommend this box for it.

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Just got Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures game for Xmas
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