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 Orks background ( The Dezert Foxez)

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PostSubject: Orks background ( The Dezert Foxez)   Mon Mar 15, 2010 6:44 pm

well i got the name from the world war 2 desert foxes ive always been a fan of them and every time i think of where an ork lives in 40k i think of deserts so thats how i got the name

now, how the squad was formed was this

(Commander) Iron-gut

was in the Bad Moons clan as and Sergent but after getting in a rumble with his leaders squad because its said that one of Iron-guts Gretchins was caught stealing from leaders personal armory to get Iron-Gut a PRESENT this happing the leaders ork boys started beating the Gretchin and Iron-Gut seeing this ran to his Aid yelling ( Ya dont mess wit me Squad!".... killing all of them he was exiled from the bad moons this happening Iron-gut set out to form his on clan and be the biggest and baddest there was, him naming the clan THE DEZERT FOXEZ. Though him being exiled, alot of the ork boys witnessed his fighting skills and become loyal to him telling him anytime he needed help they'd be there. as for the Gretchin named Bridget now follows and rides on Iron - guts shoulder and into every battle stealing what ever he can find and reloading his gun for him since he cant do it himself because of that special present he so called stole...Power Klaw

'Ard Boyz
Number 1 Straw Berry and number 2 Blue Berry
As Iron-gut and his followers set out the came to an old ruined base where a battle was going on he quickly got behind cover and looked to see what was going on, he saw two orks in a bunker fighting off a platoon of Tallarn Desert Raiders of the Imperial Guard there must of been 30 of them but for these two orks that wasn't enough, they were equipped with big shootas just spraying as the Raiders charged to get better shots killing 3 to 4 Raiders with every click of the trigger, though not seeing what was flanking them an squad of Rough Riders were getting ready to a ride by on the bunker using there melta bombs. Iron-Gut seeing this said "Lets do it Boyz!" as the charged the riders killing every last one of them and not a moment to soon Blue berry and Straw berry saw this, seeing Iron-Gut and his squad battle for just two orks with out a chance made them want to help him on his clan. Though they asked why he helped. Iron-Gut saying "we need tha best of tha best da be tha best and tha only way that happen is if u live."


Blue Berry

Sneaky Boss- Snake
While Iron-gut and his squad were looting things at a deserted base they felt the ground rumble as three Leman Russ tanks starting to open fire on Iron-gut and his Boyz, them taking cover Iron-Gut noticed a quick shine coming from a tower and what looked like a scope glare, as he saw this a quick flash of yellow came from it a recruit then said "Da tank just broke?" but infact what happened is the yellow flash was a bullet going through the Leman Russ spotting window shooting the spotter and the gunner this happening the other Leman Russes turned sideways so they wouldn't be shot and opened a smaller window that even a bullet couldn't get through still unloading fire power on the orks, the unknown creature from the tower took off his mesh and used a rope and hook to slide down running to Iron-Gut when he got there Iron-gut realized it was an ork, the ork asked Iron-Gut if he could tell his team to do suppressive fire on the Tanks and it was done. The Ork ran towards the tank jumping over barrels and barriers dodging the tanks rounds and when getting up to one he then chucked a Choke gas grenade inside the normal spotting window making the guards men run out as this happened the ork then took his Hellgun and shot rapidly killing them all, as the other tank was still focused on Iron-Guts unit the Ork then got inside of the abandoned LemAn Russ and turned the battle cannon towards the other Leman Russ and opened fire on it blowing it up instantly. after the battle was over Iron- Gut couldn't help but ask snake if he'd be a part of the DEZERT FOXEZ. Snake couldn't refuse ...


Iron-Gut and his squad had made it to an ruined city there being no signs of life didn't care to much about being stealthy ( not a good idea ) a sniper shot hit one of the Ork boyz killing him instantly now tacking cover Iron-Gut asked snaked if he saw where it came and replied with an no as soon as he said that crazy howl came behind them as a ork came running in front of them with electricity going from his mouth to this head to his conductors on his back with his eye glowing yellow he told Iron-Guts squad to look away and as they did a bright light erupted making it easy to see where the snipers were hiding snake took the chance and took out all 6 of them within 3 seconds as this happened the Ork that helped them then passed out and an ork boy recruit picked him up and carried him with the Squad. "he now work for ya Boss." said an ork boy."i just wonder we he be from?"asked Iron-Gut (you'll find out later in other story's)
and he was using a psychic power called party lights


and those are my officers
and these are just other models i did conversions to

Painboy with a 'Urty Syringe

and some burna boyz

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PostSubject: Re: Orks background ( The Dezert Foxez)   Mon Mar 15, 2010 6:50 pm

Cool stories... matching cool models! Can't wait to see them with some paint!

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Orks background ( The Dezert Foxez)
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