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 Ideas for a retinue (No pics yet)

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PostSubject: Ideas for a retinue (No pics yet)   Mon May 03, 2010 10:07 am

I just ordered a few expensive bits.
I figured out my heretical renegade [fill in blanks] Space Marine Commander of my equally heretical renegade slavers...
...Oh, he**. Let's just call them rogue traders...
...were in need of a sexy retinue.

Hence I committed to the ever more expensive habit of buying bits, instead of building on things already in progress.

I envision a commanders retinue of two rogue sororita sisters, each dragging an 18k gold chain linked to the neck of each of their dark elves female slaves.

I believe that could have a terrifying effect on any opponents, when they see this battleworn former Space Marine having two dark elves in his possession. These treasures of fear and travesty will show anyone foolish enough to come within the distance of my glueguns, that their freedom is forfeit, and only pain and suffering will fall upon their meager lives.
Oh, the horrors these vile creatures must sustain. This merciless fighter must be so terrifying that even the infamous dark elves suffer underneath his mighty boots of power armour.
Where is the imperial law? Where is the force of the Emperor. Can no man, or woman, in the name of the Emperor smite this villain?
-And who are these two lost sisters of battle? Are they driven by witchcraft? Have they become so tainted by the forces of chaos, of Slannesh herself? Are they into unmentionable, abominable practices? Where are the witchhunters! We need purification now, or else, we are all doomed! DOOMED!

Twisted Evil

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PostSubject: Re: Ideas for a retinue (No pics yet)   Mon May 03, 2010 10:55 am

Okay, now I'm actually a bit scared. And you live in the same town as me... yikes!

Cool description! Looking forward to seeing the result
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PostSubject: Re: Ideas for a retinue (No pics yet)   Mon May 03, 2010 4:24 pm

Thank you. Looking forward to get into the works of it.
I realize that my Squad/Gang of slavers will become a interesting affair, fluff/gameswise.
I'll propably have to make a sort of a double/triple/fripple amount of characters, just to be able to properly field 'the right character', at any given time/depending on the Squad's 'adventures'. -I am afterall a little bit of WYSIWYG, regarding these games.
Who said that DeathSquads would be a 'more affordable' solution compared to the regular W40K. Hm. I think it was me. Rolling Eyes

I am brainstorming a little bit to fit in the premade characters, into suitable roles.
By 'premade', I mean having figured out the characters in my mind before even a Squad has been created.
It is quite fun. I have to put the rules of the game itself in the background, and instead focus on creating the different characters, and as time and game(s) progress', I can remove the old 'setup' of an character, and put in another mini, with the new correct 'setup'. (Setup = equipment).
One can only imagine how many variants of the commander I'd have to produce, if he were to survive 25 battles!
Basically the first commander, by the name Hef (reference to the Sexy retinue vs. Hugh Hefner), starts out as a Standard Template Space Marine, and ends up as a Special Ordered Numbered Edition Golden Deamon Award-winner Über-Cool Personally Sculpted mini at game #25.... -Only as an example...
...There are no limits to DS' potential regarding submerging oneselves into the game and fluff.
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PostSubject: Re: Ideas for a retinue (No pics yet)   

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Ideas for a retinue (No pics yet)
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