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 Planet Phalléon

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PostSubject: Planet Phalléon   Tue May 04, 2010 9:14 am

About time to produce an introduction to what kind of squad I intend to field, and in what setting they belong.
Starting off with location:

+++Start Transmission+++
+++Planet Phalléon Information+++

The planet contains a supercontinent surrounded by sea, Oceanis major.
Once a thriving colony in a far distant frontier system, founded during the first crusades.
The outpost became a prospering civilization, quite autonomously from the rest of the imperium.
The society went from a lowtech, to a hightec stage quite quickly, due to successful leadership, and a succesfully working government.
As centruies passed, and with the constant development of the hive city structures, eventually the whole supercontinent became a giant cluster of hive cities. Kilometers high, and kilometers deep.
Several spires cover the surface. Once started out as a corporate buildings, eventually turning into conglomerate spires for the most powerful houses.
In now ancient times, the conglomerate wars inevitably broke down the once successful system of governing the supercontinent, and anarchy ruled. Spires crumbled, and new ones were built.
To this day, the corporate warring is what dictates the daily life on this planet.

+++Economy Information+++

Due to being a frontier planet, with no strategic importance to the imperium, The Administratum once declared the planet illegal to travel to, and to trade with. By a bureaucratical mishap, the planet was deleted from official records, and this now makes this place a magnet for pirates, smugglers, rogue traders, humans, villains, vigilantes and xenos alike.
Any character unwanted in regulated space is looking for places like this.
Due to being deleted from official records few, if any, Inquisitors are aware of its existence. If they were, they would surely have doomed the planet to extermination.

+++Culture Information+++

Being an anarchistic society with different races, so-called renegades, to each their origin, it is not unknown, albeit rare, to see different races fight together, to overcome mightier enemies. -Just to go back fighting each other as soon as the major treat has been eliminated.

Certain areas of the hive(s) are dominated by any given race, and their area of dominance is certain to be adapted to their origins style.

Eventhough humans are renegades of the imperium of mankind, they tend to build, rebuild, repair and adorn any structure with ornament related to the Imperium. Similar traits goes for the other races.

+++Inhabitant Group Information+++

The Exiled Ones.
A relativley unknown group. Not affiliated to any known cults.
The Exiled Ones are being recognized as a group of slavers, smugglers, pirates and murderers.
Race: Human only.
Traits: They are all former members of the Imperial forces; Adeptus Astartes (Chapters unknown, investigation pending), Imperial Guard (investigation pending), Adepta Sororitas and others unknown.
Highly professionally trained. Now renegades, declared traitors of the Imperium.
Name: Unknown, but goes under the name Hef. (Administorium records shows a possible relation to a terran mythical creature named Hugh Hefner. Name propably associated to the sightings of a retinue following him, consisting of two traitor sororitas chained to two xenos, presumably two female dark elves. (Investigation pending will clarify if this is related to cultism).
Equipment: Standard Adeptus Astarte equipment. (Note: unconfirmed sighting state that one of the commanders pauldrons contains the insignia of the Inquisition. (Investigation pending. Possible link to unsolved death of Inquisitor +++CLASSIFIED+++ Investigation Priority Alfa).

+++End Transmission+++
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Planet Phalléon
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