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 Best Rotary Tools

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PostSubject: Best Rotary Tools   Sat Aug 08, 2009 8:40 pm

A friend asked about rotary tools, so he can start converting models and terrain. I have owned several, and here are my comments.
  • QUALITY IS KEY! This tool will vibrate, and a poor quality tool will fall apart quickly.
  • VARIABLE SPEED: To work on foam-core and plastic, 5,000 rpm seems to be enough. If you have metal, you may want 10, 15 or even 20,000. High speed is BAD for plastic... it will melt it in your tool!
  • COMFORT FIT FOR YOU: Nothing is worse that having to work for several hours with a tool that will mess with your hand. Remember, ergonomic fit will help you to retain that working schedule.
  • ACCURACY: The tip must remain tight after HOURS of operation. A loose tip will oscillate slightly... good luck trying to make a simple hole if the tip moves 3 mm of center. You will end with a 6-8 mm gap.
  • PRICE: Sure... you can buy a tool that is $500... and (like the one I got) cost $5. You want something cheap, but it must not sacrifice the points above.

My recommendation? The Dremel Stylus. It is a unique tool for people who are passionate about hands-on projects. This ergonomic tool is perfect for applications around the home such as finishing, intricate sanding, polishing, cleaning, engraving and much more. Features
[list][*] Patented nose tip control - On/Off at front of tool for one handed operation
[*] Variable speed 5,000 - 25,000 RPM for superior performance and control
[*] Pistol grip design for outstanding balance, performance and precision control
[*] Docking station - Holds the Stylus during projects while charging battery.
[*] Soft grip housing for superior comfort and control
[*] 7.2V integrated lithium ion battery - Holds a charge 6 times longer than Ni-Cd
[*] Tool will hold a charge for up to 2 years
[*] No battery "memory effects" - Can be recharged at anytime without reducing the charge capacity
[*] Two year warranty

I'm getting rid off my piece of crap, and getting me this one. afro

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Best Rotary Tools
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