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 Da Lucky Bluez vs The Spacefairies

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PostSubject: Da Lucky Bluez vs The Spacefairies   Mon Jul 12, 2010 5:36 am

Battle report Da Lucky Bluez vs. The Spacefairies

It was on a beautiful morning late in the afternoon when Obarmotz, owner of Da Lucky Bluez decided that business went bad. Customers kept falling apart and the teeth seemed smaller than they used to bee. To improve things, a camera team of ORK1 (Orkish Radio Kompany 1) was invited to document the efficient work of Da Lucky Bluez on their next job. For good PR they picked out the Spacefairies, as there were plenty of the pointy ears around and no one would miss a fistfull of 'em.

Everything was ready the next afternoon (or morning, the two suns of the Metastasis system were always a litte vague about exact timing).Cameras were placed around the battlefield and the Spacefairies were only a little late (or early...).


Deployment Orks

Deployment Eldar

Deployment Eldar – closer look

Deployment Orks – closer look

Deployment Orks – infiltrators

Orks turn 1

As is good orkish tradition, the Orks took the first turn.

Surprisingly, both the Weirdboy and the newly acquired Trash-Kan behaved normal at the start of the game, when the whole ork squad mooved forward at top speed. The three sneaky boyz stayed hidden.

Orks – left flank advance

Orks – right flank advance

Eldar turn 1
The eldar moved into good firing positions, taking cover among the ruined towers.

Eldar advance - left flank

Eldar advance - right flank

Eldar Exodite

Situation after turn one

Orks turn 2

Weirdboy had some headache. Rest of da boyz advanced on both flanks. The sneaks crawled out of their cover to get some shots at the eldar which was, as expected, totally ineffective.

Orks right flank

Orks right flank eldar view

Orks left flank eldar view

Orks left flank ork view

Eldar turn 2

Just a little repositioning here and there. The wraithguard missed its target like almost everyone else but the gunfighter shot down the Sneaky Boss who called it a day and went home. First casualty of the game, which is somewhat of a tradition he established five or six games ago Wink

Eldar right flank

Eldar left flank

Sneaky boss shot down by gunfighter

Orks turn 3

Weirdboy behaved normal again, but something with the Trash-Kan went wrong. In a burst of speed it ran forward towards the eldar lines. Most of the boys only walked this turn to make some fine noisy noise with their blasters before charging into close combat next turn. The weirdboy tried to join in with a spell but failed to controll his powers (if he has any, he's the only one to claim so).

Ork left flank Kommandoz advancing

Ork left flank BurnaBoy advancing under cover

Ork right flank

Complete view of the battlefield after 2 and a half turns

Fire on the right flank was totally ineffective again. Eldarboss was hit by a lucky shot and knocked down. One of the 'Ard Bosses shoots down Gunfighter, OOA.

Gunfighter ooa

Eldar turn 3

Things are getting tight. Repositioning on the right flank. The Exodite in the tower, who was completely forgotten for two turns, jumps back into action, at least his hot shot lasgun does, although without any effect. The more close combat orientated Eldar reposition themselves on the left flank.

Repositioning of Eldar

On the left flank they open fire and take down two boys. One is Knocked Down by the leader, the other one is taken OOA by the guardian on the tower. A gretchin is stunned. Fortunately (for da Boyz) the devastating fire stops right short of the Burnaboy.

Two boys down

On the right flank the Trash-Kan is hit by the wraithguard, losing one wound. The teleport-effect of the wraithcannon is slightly to the disadvantage of the eldar.

Wraithguard fires

Scatter dice

Placement after teleport

Overview after turn 3

Ork turn 4

With all his might, the Ork Nob calls down the power of the Waaagh! to charge into close combat, thereas the weirdboy decides to not feel well again. The perils of the warp grace him with a strength 3 autohit which knocks him down. (Can a PotW attack crit and which crit table should be used then? We decided to use the one for unarmed attacks).

On the left flank the Burnaboy was finally in position to barbecue the two banshees, one of them was knocked down. Other orkish shooting was noisy but ineffective. The Kommando Boss and one boy charged the lone gardian on the far left, stunning him in close combat. On the right side, the Nob and the Trash-Kan charged the Wraithguard The Nob inflicing one wound on the wraithguard, while the trash-Kan made some funny but totally ineffective sounds with its buzzsaw.

Flamer attack by Burnaboy

Close Combat between Kommandoboss and Guardian

Overview after ork turn 4

Eldar turn 4

The guardian on the tower and the recovering banshee shot at the Burnaboy, stunning him. The other banshee charged towards the Kommandoboss whereas the Eldar leader charged the Burnaboy, taking him OOA. On the right Flank the wraithguard went down under a whirl of blows from the Nob, leaving this flank wide open.

Banshee charges

Leader charges

Wraithguard is down

Overview after turn 4

Orks turn 5

Rout test is passed, Trash-Kan and weirdboy behave normal. The complete ork mob charges into close combat where possible.


Obarmotz and his Trash-Kan charge the warlock and take him OOA. The painboy charges one of the banshees and is taken OOA. In a fit of cunningness the Kommandoboss inflicts a critical hit with his Kombiblasta on the downed eldar guardian, taking him OOA and inflicting a ricochet hit on the 'Ard Boss in the same cc, taking him OOA with another critical hit. Being a little irritated by this stunning maneuver, the Banshee scores no hits. (Do you get exp for taking a (friendly) model OOA in such a clever move?).

The other two Close combats end uneventful.

Eldar turn 5

The eldar fail their rout test and withdraw.

All Eldar survive the battle, getting horrible scars (guardian), extra exp (Warlock) or just full recovery. Most of the orks make a full recovery, only the painboy dies (couldn't do a re-roll for himself).
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PostSubject: Re: Da Lucky Bluez vs The Spacefairies   Mon Jul 12, 2010 7:33 am

Thank you Skraag for the report!

We should maybe add that this report was reconstructed from notes we took after the game.
I had to many beers to write something down during the game (as usual) and we also had no camera ready.

Maybe I should also write a version since I remember some more action from my side.
Your report makes it look a bit as if my squad just ran brainlessly from one side of my deployment zone to the other, like chicken would run from a wolf.
Still the result was 6 or 7 orcs OOA vs 3 eldar OOA and you had the first rout test ;P

The simple tactic I wanted to apply was more something like: soften them with gunfire and sweep up the remains in close combat.
And I think it actually worked quite well, although it doesn't show in your report.
Should have concentrated more on one flank.

Still, a very bloody and interesting game it was!
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PostSubject: Re: Da Lucky Bluez vs The Spacefairies   Mon Jul 12, 2010 7:56 am

And here are the squads:
It was the 7th game in our campaign for both squads, so they already have some exp and equipment.

Da Boyz:

Nob Obarmotz
Helmet, Mesh Armor, Choppa, Kustom Blasta, Refractor Field
+1 Attack, +1 Leadership, Skill Waaagh!, Skill 'Eadbasher

Weirdboy Tumbeltork
+1 Attack

Sneaky Boss Wohizahin
Choppa, Kustom Blasta, Helmet, Mesh Armor
-1 Toughness (CHestwound), Frenzy, -1 Initiative (Nervous Condition), -1 BS (Blinded in one Eye), Cause Fear!
Skill 'Ard Skin

'Ard Boy Willstauä
Choppa, Kustom Blasta, Helmet, Mesh Armor
+1 Initiative, +1 Weapon Skill, +1 Wound

'Ard Boy Bessarnich
Choppa, Kustom Blasta, Helmet, Mesh Armor
-1 Initiative (Nervous Condition)
+2 Weapon Skill, +1 Strength, Skill 'Ard Skin

Kommandoz Officer Da Koch
Choppa, Kustom Blasta, Helmet, Mesh Armor
Immune to Fear
+2 Wounds, +1 Attack, Skill 'Ard Skin

Nameless Boy 1
+1 Weapon Skill, +2 Initiative

Nameless Boy 2
Choppa, Blasta
+1 Weapon Skill, +1 Strength, +1 Initiative

Nameless Boy 3
Choppa, Blasta
+1 Weapon Skill, +1 Initiative, +1 Leadership

Nameless Boy 4
Choppa, Blasta
+2 Attack, +1 Weapon Skill

Painboy Doc Krigmahin
Blasta, 'Urty Syringe
+2 Weapon Skill, +1 Initiative

Gretchin Para
Grot Blasta
+1 Ballistic Skill, +1 Initiative, +1 Leadership

Gretchin Dox
Grot Blasta
+1 Ballistic Skill, +1 Initiative, +1 Leadership

Nameless Kommandoz
Choppa, Blasta
+1 Initiative, +1 Weapon Skill, +1 Attack

BurnaBoy Zipp-Ork
+1 Attack

Nameless Trash-Kan
Buzz Saw, Big Shoota, Mega-Kan Armor Plating

The Eldar

Striking Scorpion Exarch
Heavy Aspect Warrior Armor, Helmet, Power Sword, Skorpion's Claw, Lucky Charm
+1 Weapon Skill,

Rune Armor, Helmet, Sword, Sword, Kombat Knife
Skill Field Medic, Skill Ressource Hunter

Howling Banshee 1
Aspect Warrior Armor, Helmet, Shuriken Pistol, Sword, Combat Knife
+1 Leadership, +1 Wound, Skill Dodge, Skill Step Aside

Howling Banshee 2
Aspect Warrior Armor, Shuriken Pistol, Sword, Combat Knife
+1 Weapon Skill, Skill Dodge, Skill Step Aside

Dire Avenger
Aspect Warrior Armor, Shuriken Catapult, Avenger Sight, Combat Knife
Skill Dodge, Skill Step Aside

Dire Avenger
Aspect Warrior Armor, Shuriken Pistol, Shuriken Pistol, Helmet, Combat Knife
Skill Dodge, Skill Gunfighter

Hot Shot Power Pack, Lasgun, Combat Knife, Mesh Armor
+2 Ballistic Skill, +1 Initiative


Lasgun, Combat Knife
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PostSubject: Re: Da Lucky Bluez vs The Spacefairies   Mon Jul 12, 2010 7:59 am

Indeed the report lacks some detail as it was hot and my brain melted due to heat and bear. Still i tried my best to reconstruct it Wink

I did mention that the orks took the first rout test. Somewhat hidden between the pictures Wink
Your tactik did work quite well, I suffered tremendous losses until I made it into the savety of close combat.
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PostSubject: Re: Da Lucky Bluez vs The Spacefairies   Mon Jul 12, 2010 1:35 pm

HHAHA! great report! I laughed... even if my Boyz lost. They fought... so that IS a victory!

Quote :
Do you get exp for taking a (friendly) model OOA in such a clever move?
I would say yes... but that is a personal observation. Taking your OWN guy with a Ricochet is priceless!

I saw all the beer bottles and was wondering how you could keep such a nice report. Hehehehe....

FYI... we are moving away from forced Routing. "Enjoy" it while you can. I saw the thread with questions... can wait until you split those to tackle the answers! THANKS for sharing... I have tears on my eyes! Ricochet ... HA!

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Since I ask "What do you think?" to all Staff, I have included it here to save time.

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PostSubject: Re: Da Lucky Bluez vs The Spacefairies   Mon Jul 12, 2010 4:59 pm

Awesome battle report!! Thank you very much for making it!

On à sidenote i think it's à bad idea to take away forced routing...
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PostSubject: Re: Da Lucky Bluez vs The Spacefairies   

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Da Lucky Bluez vs The Spacefairies
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