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 Art of Blazbaros

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PostSubject: Art of Blazbaros   Art of Blazbaros I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 01, 2013 9:24 am

Blazbaros has given us permissions to use these pieces in our rulebooks.
He has been very generous with his permission as you will see.
Please take the time to thank him and admire his work here.

You can view his full gallery here:

Art of Blazbaros Reclamation_kher_ys_by_blazbaros-d5eq65j

Art of Blazbaros Madmartigan_by_blazbaros-d4x9ceg

Art of Blazbaros The_emperor_walks_with_me_by_blazbaros-d5snzjz

Art of Blazbaros Eve_hauser_by_blazbaros-d5duj0l

Art of Blazbaros Krios_kamen_by_blazbaros-d4xlnrm

Art of Blazbaros Lee_by_blazbaros-d5e1ran

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Art of Blazbaros
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