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 Hello from MI

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PostSubject: Hello from MI   Hello from MI I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 28, 2014 10:29 pm

It looks like things have been a bit inactive here recently, but just in case I thought I'd go ahead and say 'hi.' I've been looking for a good set of skirmish rules for a long time. My brother and I grew up playing Lord of the Rings SBG and then 40k and got into Inquisitor along the way. We've written our own rules for different variations of the above but never anything too formal or tested. At this point in my life, we are in different states and no one seems either A) interested in such an in depth hobby or B) excited about the size and time it takes to play a game of 40k, though I do have plenty of board gaming friends. In addition to this, I love giving individual models love and and really building characters and then playing a narrative driven game with them.

From what I can tell, I've finally found what I was looking for and I'm excited to take a look at the rules and hopefully get back into the hobby!
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Gatlag Stonetooth

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PostSubject: Re: Hello from MI   Hello from MI I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 29, 2014 6:10 am

Hi there! Things have indeed died a bit here unfortunately.
But I'm sure you will be able to play some nice games with the last ruleset!
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Hello from MI
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