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 Death Squads Game Forum Rules and Guides (04/20/2012)

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PostSubject: Death Squads Game Forum Rules and Guides (04/20/2012)   Sat Jul 11, 2009 9:38 pm

Death Squads Death Squads Game Forum Death Squads
Updated: August 7, 2011

Welcome to The Official Forum of Death Squads on the net! Below are the forum rules as well as guidelines on how we want to have things work on our boards. Please read them! If you have any problems or issues feel free to send Private Message (PM) to any of the Moderators listed below.

Developers and Moderators
  • Arachas
  • Dozer
  • Laney
  • Mordheimer

The Rules
Post topics in the right place: Please, put your posts on the right location. Do not post questions about rules on the Experimental Squad Forum or post your experimental squads ideas on the Game Rules Forum. Make sure your posting your topic in the right place.

Thread Necromancy: Thread Necromancy is when a reply to an old post (usually more than a month old) brings it back to the top of the list of new posts. Usually, in most forums, this is considered bad manners and etiquette. If you bring a topic back because you have something to say and contribute, please do so! We understand that you may have stumbled upon Death Squads recently, and you may want to give your opinion on something. Feel free to so so... we WANT your views on all matters. What is NOT allowed is th unconsidered "bump" (acronym for 'bring up my post') of a thread, just because you feel the thread in question deserves to be higher up. What should you do? Open a new thread and reference (link) to the old one. This way, everyone can focus on YOUR comments rather than having to re-read the old thread unless absolutely necessary.

Multiple Postings: Posting consecutively (one post after another of your posts) is not allowed, with few exceptions. Multiple Posting only makes threads longer and harder to read, which is the exact opposite of what we want for our community. If you need to add a new comment, please EDIT your last posts. See Thread Necromancy (above) for guidelines on 'bumping' a thread (HINT: Don't do it!) In rare occasions you may feel the need to add a post after yours; this is OK if the previous post is over two days (48 hours old) or if there is a clear reason why you are doing it (i.e you promised to post pictures and you decide a new post would be best.) Use your OWN judgement. Failures to avoid Multiple Posts would be considered Spam, which could get you reprimanded or banned.

Flame Wars: No flame wars are allowed here. By all means debate, but do not engage in rude or disrespectful behavior. Moderators will edit and take disciplinary action. A reminder that less common sense = more rules.

Posting Non-Official (Personal) Material: While Death Squads is a "work by fans for fans", we do spend countless hours working on how to do things. There is a reason to the madness (mostly LOTS of proprietary math) that the average player will never get to see. Anyone who wishes to join the organized effort to work WITH the Death Squads Development Team may do so; just PM someone in the Staff and they would gladly point to the minimal requirements. Once you are part of the Staff, you would be allowed to work on the material you wish to work on. If you do NOT want to work within our organization or prefer to work alone, it is perfectly fine. But you are NOT allowed to post nor link any of non-official material related on playing the game (Squads, Units, Items, Rules, Scenarios, etc) made by you or anyone else in the Death Squads' Forum without previous authorization of two (2) Developers. Your personal ideas (Squads, House Rules, etc.) may work perfectly for you and your gaming group, but may be incompatible with what we are making. Posting that material has ALWAYS brought problems and discussions that ultimately just delay development of new material. If you have something good... JOIN the Staff! We will work whatever kinks the material may have and publish it in TLRB as an official part of the game. Make a real difference!

Advertising: Please DO NOT ADVERTISE ANY websites without contacting on of the Moderators. Please note that all post about commercial sites will be deleted! Posting about fan-sites is allowed, in moderation. If you which to promote your favorite site (commercial or fan-based) in your signature, then that is fine, but don't post about it!

Trading: This forum will always be a place for ideas and NOT a place of business. The Trading Pit has been created in an effort for hobbyist to find each other and discuss matters PRIVATELY. Post regarding the exchange of money will be deleted. If you are not interested in trading, just put that the item is for sale (but not the amount) and ask people to PM you. Now, if you want to link to something like an auction on eBay or another place, that's fine perfectly acceptable. Another thing that falls under this rule is Internet stores. Under no circumstances are you to start or hijack a thread to hype a store. If a store name come up through normal conversation that's fine, but please do not try to drop store names. If you want to hype a store then put it in your signature. One thing that you need to know about trading; we are not responsible for anything traded here. Any deal you reach on a trade is between you and the person you're trading with. If anything goes wrong with your trade there is nothing we can do, so don't come crying to a moderator. And please do not start flaming someone for revenge because of a bad trade. The best way to put it is "Let the Buyer Beware."

Banners: Banners in signatures may not be bigger then 100x500 pixel and no more then 2 banners may be used.

Commission Sites: Commission Sites are allowed to be advertised, as these are helpful to some of our users and those who are posting the links to them.

All in all, play nice or don't play at all!
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Death Squads Game Forum Rules and Guides (04/20/2012)
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