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 The "Zakeadorez de Kogruk"

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PostSubject: The "Zakeadorez de Kogruk"   Thu Nov 18, 2010 5:29 am

After 4 campaign game this is my squad: (latter ill try put some pics)


Big Boss: KOGRUK

Stat: +1 WS, +1 T, Skills: Waahgggg!!! Xp: 33

Equip: Mesh Armour, helmet, kustom Blasta, Power klaw and big horns

Im thinking how to build a power claw for him before paint it. The squig is used as a token for his 2nd wound

Sneaky Boss: SNASHKA

Stat: +1 T Skills: Eagle Eye Xp: 15

Equip: Bolter, Red Dot and a stolen chain sword

No Pic, im using an unpainted plastic ork, by the monet....


Stat: +1 T Skills: one, but still thinking what choose Xp: 14

Equip: 2 clubs and helmet

Need painting and build a kustomblasta for him


Stat: +1 WS Skills:one, but still thinking what choose Xp: 13

Equip: 2 clubs and helmet

Big boy (a promoted one):GORBOK

Stat: Skills: Heavy weapons and resource hunter Xp: 6

Equip: Big shoota and red dot

Big boy (another promoted one): UGLUK

Stat: Skills: Haggle and Eagle eyes Xp: 6

Equip: shoota

Pain Boy: BADDOK

Stat: +1 A, +1 I Xp: 10

Equip: 2 clubs

Flamer: SMOKAG

Stat: +1 A, +1 S Xp: 6

Equip: flamer

Komando 1:TUFFGIK

Stat: +1 A, +1 WS Xp: 12

Equip: Shoota

Komando 2:GAZAK

Stat: +1 Ld, +1 WS Xp: 12

Equip: Shoota

Trash Kan with flamer

Gretchin 1: PITSHIN

Stat: +2 BS Xp: 4

Equip: Grot blasta

Gretchin 2: SMIKY

Stat: Xp: 1

Equip: none

Orks: 5 orks with diferent stats and xp, only with clubs

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PostSubject: Re: The "Zakeadorez de Kogruk"   Fri Nov 19, 2010 1:22 am


All Officers: LUCKY CHARMS!!! Also gets Helmets for them! +1 to your Save AND protection against stun!

Nob: Get him a Looted Carapace... give the Mesh to Sneaky Boss!

Ard Boy #1: Get him Weapons Training, Heavy Weapon. With his +1 T, he can stand ANYWHERE and shoot.

Ard Boy #2: Get him 'Ard 'Ead!!!! Combined with a helmet, he has Armor Save 5+ and 3+ Save against Stun!

Big Boy: Hehehehe... cool name. I think that the Red Dot can't be used with anything that is not a Pistol or a Rapid Fire weapon. No Big Shoota. I know... I did the same as you when we were play-testing to break TLRB v0.3.0! Cheese

Pain Boy: Get HELMET! Later... 'Urty Syringe are awesome!

In general, the Mob looks VERY nice. Growing perfectly. BTW... you need to name your units! COME ONE! Don't be lazy! ANIMO!

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PostSubject: Re: The "Zakeadorez de Kogruk"   Fri Nov 19, 2010 9:39 am

Updatted, names and pic of the whole squad, latter ill add pics of each one
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PostSubject: Re: The "Zakeadorez de Kogruk"   

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The "Zakeadorez de Kogruk"
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