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 PPNCLI vs Death Orks of Krieg Round 5

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PostSubject: PPNCLI vs Death Orks of Krieg Round 5    Wed Nov 24, 2010 8:31 pm

PPNCLI vs Death Orks of Krieg Round 5

My squad is now up to 15 bodies and with the watching commissar 16. I decided to bring in some bigger guns in order to try and negate the ork’s toughness, buying a sniper rifle for one LT and a Bolter for my Captain. Hopefully this added firepower combined with the Commissars ability to re-roll my first route test would see me finally win a game. The Orks however are getting very mean as well. The Nob is a close combat monster with S5 and a powerklaw and the rest of the squad has both number and equipment.

This time we played “chance encounter” on a heavy urban board with a fair amount of elevation. I set up first with my guys spread across three buildings around the board edge in my corner and the Commissar and three recruits in the building in the center of the board. The orks were in the opposite corner with one group ready to come across the walkways into the center building and another ready to go along the ground. The Kommandos infiltrated into cover in sight of my right hand building.

Turn 1

My sniper Lt high on a water tower with his brand new sniper rifle apparently didn’t read the owner’s manual. He tried to overcharge his gun and take a shot at the ork Nob unfortunately the gun overheated and blew up in his hands taking him out of action (I’m taking it back on warranty and getting a new one, hopefully it is less of a lemon). The rest of the squads shooting saw a gretchin and a boy shot off the walkway and falling to down stunned to the ground below.

The orks advanced towards the central building across the walkways while the ground group moved behind the building using it as cover. In the shooting phase a Kommando spotted my other Lt in the window above him and managed a well placed shot to his head taking him ooa.

Turn 2

Guard shooting continued to have little effect on the orks.

The Orks moved further into the central building, while shooting saw a recruit killed by the weirdboys psychic power.

Turn 3

Shooting sees a flamer knock a couple orks down and the medic freshly armed with an autogun picks off the weirdboy.

The orks advance into the room that the Guard are defending and shooting kills one the defenders who was about to be charged. A fire fight develops on the left flank between the orks in central building and the Guardsmen on the left flank. An Ork boy charges a ninja recruit (my largest recruit group has 2 attacks, WS 4) defending the walkway but the combat is a draw.

Turn 4

The Commissar decides to set an example to this rabble and launches a diving charge at the Nob. Attempts to soften up the Nob with shooting are ineffective, along with the rest of the shooting. The Commissar leaps at the ork from the level above him bringing his Chainsword slashing down aimed at the orks head . The Nob however reacts quickly receiving only a single cut from the chainsword. His initial attack having failed, the Commissar is powerless to stop the massive Orks powerklaw from snipping him in twain. Perhaps angered by how easily an officer of the imperium was defeated the recruit engaged in the battle on the bridge vanquishes the ork he was fighting.

Other turns

The Ninja recruit on the bridge would defeat another opponent before falling to the cowardly orks. Shots continued to be exchanged between the two sets of buildings with the Guardsmen’s shooting beginning to get the upper hand. However the loss the force sent to hold the center building had irreparably damaged the squad’s morale and they would end of breaking off the engagement.

At the end of the battle the Patricias had lost 7 fighters to the Orks 6, including the brave commissar, who would be unable to make his report on the squads fighting spirit.

The PPNCLI descend to 0 and 5 I may switch to just regular cadians or Catachans since I never remember the ice guards rules anyways. I am also considering adding an ogryn to get a little more muscle in the squad.
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PostSubject: Re: PPNCLI vs Death Orks of Krieg Round 5    Thu Nov 25, 2010 2:06 am

A good game today. This game was very, very close. We used more of my Mordheim buildings and connected them with walkways. This meant that most of the movement and all of the combat occurred above ground level (which was exciting). It was pretty funny when my orks fell off of buildings and things.

My Nob boss took 3 guardsmen out of action (which was exciting!). My 'ard boyz didn't do much. My Weirdboy got his first kill (probably because I finally glued arms on him!). The highlight of the game was definitely the combat between the commissar and the Boss. Short and bloody. I'll upload some pictures tonight or tomorrow.

The Orks are 5-0 against the guards now. Only the first game was really a very decisive victory. The boyz are losing the edge in close combat though as they just keep rolling initiative upgrades... Strangely enough my shooting may have been what helped me to survive this game.

In the post game the hard boy who lost to the ninja recruit rolled multiple injuries and ended up being immune to fear and having a leg injury. Fortunately in the exploration phase is rolled 4 3s and discovered a bionic leg! What a find! I think I may have preferred 100 credits or something like that. A bionic leg is cool though.

You should copy your battle reports onto our other forum too, Sultansean (, a forum for wargames in Victoria, the town we live in).
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PostSubject: Re: PPNCLI vs Death Orks of Krieg Round 5    Thu Nov 25, 2010 2:35 am

Cool report - sounds like the elevation on the board made it particularly interesting. Sounds like the IG are getter closer to a win (if only that sniper rifle hadn't blown up!). Keep going with the ice guard - do the rules seem worth 100 credits on the initial spend? I've never played ice guard myself. Who's the ninja Ninja and have you got pics?

Laney cheers
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PostSubject: Re: PPNCLI vs Death Orks of Krieg Round 5    Tue Nov 30, 2010 5:01 pm

The ninja recruits have 2 attacks each.
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PostSubject: Re: PPNCLI vs Death Orks of Krieg Round 5    

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PPNCLI vs Death Orks of Krieg Round 5
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