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 Bringing the DAKKA sort of

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Rogal Dorn


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PostSubject: Bringing the DAKKA sort of   Sun Jan 31, 2010 11:50 pm

Have been beta and head start playing Star Trek on-line while looking for work (gods i need a job). Anyway have seen how 40k can be put into a mmorp from playing STO. Using thier base engine and with some heavy sorta modifications to bring the endless war together. If any of you are Trekkies as I am you know Star Trek does not go heavy on the war aspect, but i give these guys credit for how they added that dimension to the game. Starting with the Kitomher incident and drawing heavily off the latest movie theme of the alternate history they managed to get the fight into things. Main theme of things is space and ground encounters with even some fleet actions involved. My thought is to take the 'warp' aspect one step further. In the 40k theme have random possibilities for PvP and/or PvE warp encounters. Cryptic did a good job organizing the grouping stuff by grouping as you go into areas instead of having to join a queue to get a group you just become part of one for that kind of content. So I say do that for the random warp content and if your battle barge has the misfortune to run afoul of warpspawn while enroute to your main content others will be swept up in the random encounter too. Big battles abound and squad actions as well. Have figured as far as racial and class leveling up to a point. For now will content myself with STO and hope I'm not the only one to figure out how easily 40k could become a real mmorp from the base of this Cryptics game. Cryptic and Atari though are having a real issue load balancing thier servers currently not sure if it's the game or the knuckle draggers they have working for them yet though so will need to see how they handle the go live.
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Bringing the DAKKA sort of
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