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 My Imperial Guard

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PostSubject: My Imperial Guard   Mon Sep 26, 2011 10:04 pm

There was crackle of the bolter rounds that came raining down on the ig Cadians as they layed against the trenches for cover, with each round exploding as it hit the grounds. The men were pinned as they heard rumble of running feet that sounded like thunder. " The chaos marines are making there charge against us and we are out numbered!" yelled the vox-caster guardsmen. The yelling of a chaos champion made the ig feel fear as they new there time was up, at this moment the bolter rounds stopped and the running feet had gotten louder and the yelling of the Champion was closer. A single guardsmen yelled " Im not going to die this way!" as he stood from the cover and picking up the nonliving priests Eviscerator and charged the Chaos marines. Tears fled from his eyes as he got closer knowing this was to be his end, he pictured his wife and children once more before he came slashing down with his weapon with the sound of buzzing towards the chaos marine that was closest to him.

The sound of scraping metal and screaming from both the IG and the Chaos marine as the marine had been cut in half and fell to the ground as so did the IG as a combat blade was sticking out from the side of this stomach, he tried getting back up to keep fighting but the blade was to heavy and to big. As he sat on his knees and held the Eviscerator with one hand and it laying on the ground anther marine charged him, The wounded Ig closed his eyes.

A Sudden sound of las shots field the igs ears when this happened he opened his eyes to see what was happening. A wave of Las fire was coming from the cover. One by one the chaos marines fell to the ground until none were left. The wounded Ig fell to his back and looked to the sky, Valkyries flew over head and a figure appeared in front of the wounded ig and said, " You did good kid, you saved alot of lives doing this, giving us time to get here as you took the aggro, your going to be fine, my medic will fix you right up."

As the wounded Ig got carried away The man had walked back to the cover in which the Ig were at and started to talk to all of them.

" Listen and Remember. You are Imperial Guardsmen, it does not matter what world you come from, rather your a volunteer or were rounded up by an enlistment gang. I will teach you to maintain and fire lasguns like Imperial Guardsmen. I will teach you to fight like Imperial Guardsmen no matter what the foe. The reason you will do this with out hesitation is because of what your fighting for what ever that is its in your hearts.

Now Come with me, show the worlds what the almighty Imperial Guard can do, we will save lives, we will take lives. This your your chance, your life!!!"

The Imperial guardsmen held there guns in the air and Yelled. As the wounded man closed his eyes.

I wanted to get a really good emotional set up for my squad because to me it gives them more character after battle reports to see what happens to them.

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PostSubject: Re: My Imperial Guard   Wed Sep 28, 2011 1:06 am

Very cool! Reminded me of Dances with Wolves. Nice!

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My Imperial Guard
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