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 My First Imperial Guard List

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PostSubject: My First Imperial Guard List   Thu May 20, 2010 11:40 am

I plan on running them as "Adeptus Mechanicus Explorators," but mechanically they are just Death Korps of Kreig Imperial Guard. I think I've got myself a solid base of fire from my Lieutenant, Infantrymen, and Grenade Launcher. The Sergeant and one Infanrtyman will run towards cover near the objective(s) and the firebase will cover their advance. If I do some careful "leapfrogging" I should be able to cover ground safely, park myself where I need to be, and just hunker down.

Princeps Jacobis Aubrae (Captain; 135 Credits)
Weapons: Knife, Laspistol, Sword, Frag Grenade
Armor/Wargear: Flak Jacket, Refractor Field*, Trademark Item

Optio Honorus Harrington (Lieutenant; 106 Credits)
Weapons: Knife, Laspistol, Sword
Armor/Wargear: Flak Jacket

Immunis Robilar Shaftoe (Sergeant; 100 Credits)
Weapons: Knife, Chainsword, Smoke Grenade
Armor/Wargear: Mesh Armor, Combat Shield

Ordinary Higgins (Infantryman; 78 Credits)
Weapons: Knife, Lasgun
Armor/Wargear: Mesh Armor, Hotshot Power Pack

Ordinary Davies (Infantryman; 78 Credits)
Weapons: Knife, Lasgun
Armor/Wargear: Mesh Armor, Hotshot Power Pack

"Beefy Gee," Gun Servitor (Heavy Weapon Specialist; 100 Credits)
Weapons: Knife, Grenade Launcher, Frags (x2) Smoke (x2)
Armor/Wargear: Mesh Armor
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PostSubject: Re: My First Imperial Guard List   Thu May 20, 2010 1:04 pm


Just a few thoughts -
I'd max out on officers (you can take an extra lieutenant and sergeant), which will allow you to roll additional dice in the post game situation, gain more exchangable resources and expand/equip you forces quicker (similar to how it worked in Mordheim).
All that mesh armour is wasted on the recruits so I would lose it all (a 6+ save is rarely likely to help you and you can always get more later - for death korps think cover saves rather than armour saves to begin with) Roll D6 Roll 6 .
The more bodies you have the harder it is to rout you (Better to have more weaker equpped soldiers and more fluffy) - think 10ish in your starting squad.
Take a medic - this is essential if you don't want your favourite officer to end up dead or seriously injured after a battle (trust me on this one - my Varangian Captain is not called 'Captain Gimpy' for nothing). Also an autopistol and a good hiding place is all he needs (It took Mordheimer and two bad battles to learn that lesson Idea ).
Grenade wise - give them to your launcher guy (I'd ditch the smoke completely and buy a medic with the proceeds).

I do think an investment on a few choice items is cool and I personally would keep the refractor field (I might have even given my own captain a plasma gun if I'd have thought about it more (even if he couldn't use it to begin with! Rare 12 is a bugger to find later)

These suggestions are more about game mechanics than fluff - at the end of the day go with what works best for you (And well equipped would fit the Mechanicus fluff).

Cheers Laney cheers
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PostSubject: Re: My First Imperial Guard List   Thu May 20, 2010 1:14 pm

Wow... you are going for the "small, but well equipped" group. I think that it could work in a campaign, but you will have several SUPER HARD initial games. Someone with crapier gear (Autoguns) and 7 or 8 Recruits can concentrate fire on anyone fighter with the objective of taking him OOA... your Routing number is 2!

Remember that at initial recruitment you can't have any item with Rarity of 5 or more, thus no Trademark Item (14 credits) or Chainsword (27 credits). That is 41 credits you gain back. I would exchange all the gear from Higgins and Davies and give them just an autogun... save 33 credits each... you can upgrade later. That gives you a total 107 credits. With that you can get 2 more Infantrymen and increase your Routing to 3. 02laney is right... a Medic is an 'insurance' against your Officers' Health. Instead of 2 Recruits, get 1 Sgt and 1 Medic. (BTW... Don't mess with my Boys... The Varangians RULE!!!)

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PostSubject: Re: My First Imperial Guard List   

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My First Imperial Guard List
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