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 The 9th Irebland/Kroniteian Rangers W (Wallace) Company "The Unlucky 13s"

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PostSubject: The 9th Irebland/Kroniteian Rangers W (Wallace) Company "The Unlucky 13s"   Thu Sep 29, 2011 10:19 pm

Regimental Background:
After the debacle that was the four year long Kroniteian Campaign in 992 M41, the 1st Irebland Kerns Light Infantry, who were all ready a very small regiment, with the solid core of the regiment (the 1st, 2nd and 3rd companys) being formed up from the last dregs of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Irebland Gallowglasses, all former heavy infantry! Were hard pressed to go on even after retraining
Despite this many overcame the huge disparty however most did not and soon the orignal 1200 remaining gallowglasses were whittled down to a misly 300 spred over the three companys by the campaign's end

The new blood (all 5500 of them) diddin't fair so well eather. Rather than being the best of the best of Irebland (like the normal Gallowglasses) the rueler/s of Irebland desided to use this as a chance to get rid of some the undesierabuls on Irebland. Soon enough thousands of convicts and scum grabbed of the street and in the prisons were conscripted and shiped of world.
Many of the people (the good ones) were also quick to join up because of the very good propaganda

In the end the campaign was a huge disaster for the Kerns with only 2000 garudsmen/women remaining

Soon enough the regiment was folded in with the remanets (500 men/women) of the 2nd Kroniteian Merchant/Peasont Levy (Levys being Kroniteia's from of PDF) and the last three squads of the 6th Kroniteian Knights (Mechanised Infantry with supporting Heavy Cav)

Now renforced the unit was snet to finnish of the last Chaosites that attacked Kroniteia on it's moon Soll's Landing in 996 M41

This is where W Company erned it's name

Company Background:
Landing first, W (Wallace) Company (at the time 145 strong) made their way towards the bunker they were given orders to attack. Fighting their way threw a hail of autogun and las rounds, W Company breached the walls of the bunker and charged in despite thier losses (now at 120 men).
Fighting from room to room the Company founf cultest after cultest.
Finaly after three hours the company (now at 100 men) reached the HQ of the bunker
There the last stand of the cutests was very weak and in the end did not take another life
At last as the last cultest leader fell he cursed the Company to suffer for the rest of their lives with his final breaths.

Scoffed at at first by the Company (indeed the whole 1st) it soon became clear that there was some turth to it as Captain O'Maly (the Captain at the time was cruched by a pice of falling debree as he left the bunker.
Soon after more things begain to happen and soon the Company was branded "The Unlucky 13th" due to the odd deaths and wounds suffered.
They had been watched by the regiments Commissars ever since to this date (999 M41) for clues of any real taint, even though Master Psyker Rall and Fater Mantrell say that the curse can be lifted

Noteworthy Members:

EDIT#1: Yes I know it's a little hard to understand and there are somethings missing but all that will be fixed
Also how do you guys like the new Avatar? It's a Drooken Fen Guard pic but it's how I see the 1st looking

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PostSubject: Re: The 9th Irebland/Kroniteian Rangers W (Wallace) Company "The Unlucky 13s"   Fri Sep 30, 2011 6:36 am

It is clear you put a great deal of thought into this, unfortunately you jump so fast between the changes that is becomes a bit... vague. I feel there is a good story in there, I just cant see it all that well yet.

Playing a grammar Nazi for a moment (which I am not even that good at); there is a lack of periods in the text and a great deal of spelling errors. Please understand I am not trying to be a bastard here, but I always found that if you want your text to be taken seriously, there should be no (or at the very least, very few) spelling errors in it. A run through an automatic spell check would have cured 95% of it I'm sure.

I would love to see a second draft though.

And yeah, that is a pretty cool avatar picture Surprised
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The 9th Irebland/Kroniteian Rangers W (Wallace) Company "The Unlucky 13s"
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