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 Kickstarter: Dominion of the Gods Tactical Miniatures Game.

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PostSubject: Kickstarter: Dominion of the Gods Tactical Miniatures Game.   Wed Oct 03, 2012 3:40 pm

Dominion of the Gods Tactical Miniatures Game

See what it feels like to fight Pantheon vs. Pantheon! Gods, Monsters, Heros and Mortals clash in a battle for supremacy over all.

Comfy Chair Games is proud to introduce its latest creation, Dominion of the Gods! The legends of mythology have been pitted against themselves for eternity… now they must unify and fight for worldly dominion. Who will reign supreme? The answer is up to you! Will you choose the side of the Norsemen leading giants of ice and hideous trolls into battle, or the Greek pantheon with such iconic figures as Medusa, the Minotaur and legendary figures such as Achilles?


Not sure about this but the Gods sound great for example if aGods spell does not mention a range it is assumed to cover the WHOLE BATTLE FIELD!!!!
how you like them apples? the minis look nice and some mention of Lovecrafts theme being added what ever that is.
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Kickstarter: Dominion of the Gods Tactical Miniatures Game.
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