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 Ronin League 2: Week 1 Game 1 for Boss Facepunch

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PostSubject: Ronin League 2: Week 1 Game 1 for Boss Facepunch   Sat Dec 10, 2011 7:55 pm

*Disclaimer* The market demanded certain squads that you guys haven't gotten around to yet. So in order to maximize the size of our playgroup we have some homebrew squads. We also decided to keep routing but lowered the threshold to 50%.

Squads: Orks (me Puke) vs Tyranids (homebrew) vs Space Marines (homebrew)
Scenerio: Custom scenerio
Winner: Tyranids

We played a scenario where we each placed ER markers down and the goal was to have your officers pick up the markers and make it off the table with them. I deployed Facepunch (nob), Dr. Mobo (painboy), Bizbang (weirdboy), Da Clubbaz (2 boyz w/ clubs), Grok Dakka (flash git) in one corner by a building with 2 ERs in it and infiltrated Da Shadow (sneaky boss) and Da Darkness (3 kommandos) in a building near the Space Wolves that had 1 ER in it.

The Space Wolves advanced towards my infiltrators who responded by shooting their blastas at the marines, failing to wound any of them, and Da Shadow tossed a smoke grenade to block the marine's charge lane. Meanwhile Grok started climbing the building in the corner to get to the ERs and the rest of the boyz advanced down the table edge towards another building that had an ER.

The Emperor helped the marines out by dissipating my smoke cloud and Hida Amaro charged in with his jade katana and pretty much single handedly kills Da Shadow and his kommandoz. Apperently the marines have a much better relationship with the dice god then my sneaky orks do, so many crits Crying or Very sad.

Three bugs caught up to Grok while he was attempting to climb to the upper floor of the building. He unloaded his shoota into the group taking one out of action. He was ill equipped for close combat though and the other two swarmed him taking him out of action, and giving him a vicious bite on the hand (hand injury -1 WS).

From their vantage point Facepunch and the rest of the ladz watched as their comrades were getting the snot beat out of them. They had a good laugh at first but once the boyz realized that those crazy marines would be coming for them next they got skittish and took off running, despite Facepunch's threats about "Wot I do wit sissies what run away from uumies!" (forced rout)

After the battle Dr. Mobo misunderstood what Facepunch meant when he said to take care of Da Shadow's wounded leg so he amputated it and during the ensuing argument forgot to stop the bleeding. (rolled leg wound -1 M, but rerolled it and got dead Crying or Very sad )

Overall it was a fun game against two squads with pretty sweet conversions. Especially the space marines, he has a whole chapter of marines that are converted to look like samurai, specifically Crab Clan samurai from Legend of the Five Rings. Next week I'll try to remember to bring my camera so I can post some pics but here was one that the marine player took of his guys.
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Ronin League 2: Week 1 Game 1 for Boss Facepunch
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